D&D start announcement 1

Hello Teachers, we are ready to start a new session of D&D on October 18th. If you know the project and  want to participate, please compile the teacher registration form asap at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLXV_6Wvu1IV6QuGv8vhQTy3eHHDaGHrX8JvPDeJYwyDdGIw/viewform   

If you don’t know about the project, go first to our DD home page at http://www.kidlink.net/index.php/project-center/dd-2021/  and then register in the form linked above.

Nowadays we have 4 schools registered for this edition (october to december): Slovenia, India, Catalonia (Spain) and Russia. Look at here to see the current data.

We also offer another edition of the same project from february to may (in 2022). We hope to have you participating in our project.


Managers David Donat and Stellan Kinberg