D&D start announcement 1

Hello Teachers, we are ready to start a new session of D&D on October 18th. If you know the project and  want to participate, please compile the teacher registration form asap at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLXV_6Wvu1IV6QuGv8vhQTy3eHHDaGHrX8JvPDeJYwyDdGIw/viewform   

If you don’t know about the project, go first to our DD home page at http://www.kidlink.net/index.php/project-center/dd-2021/  and then register in the form linked above.

Nowadays we have 4 schools registered for this edition (october to december): Slovenia, India, Catalonia (Spain) and Russia. Look at here to see the current data.

We also offer another edition of the same project from february to may (in 2022). We hope to have you participating in our project.


Managers David Donat and Stellan Kinberg

Kidlink Conference 2021

Welcome to Kidlink’s Second Online Conference!
October 16 (Sat)  – October 17 (Sun)! 

Preliminary Conference schedule

registration form

The conference strives to show Kidlink global project examples. Our projects promote dialogue among students and teachers from different countries and cultures. 

You are offered a two-day schedule of presentations by Kidlink project leaders and participating teachers and students from around the world. 


We hope to get many teachers, who have never participated in a global conference. Our goal is to get as many of you as possible to start participating in our projects. But we also hope to get listeners from universities, educational agencies, and administrators.

Conference program

Check our program at 



Conference virtual space

We will use Google Meet (https://meet.google.com) on October 16 and October 17. 

The organizer of the conference 

The organizer is the Kidlink Association Board (KA). KA is a non-profit organization registered in Italy. KA is run solely by volunteer teachers bringing free educational projects to classrooms across the globe since 1990.

Conference application

If you are interested to attend, take a cup of tea and complete the application form

by navigating tohttps://forms.gle/hGEtCnw9gdxfJvmM8   

Conference access code/ticket

  • After you apply,
    1. you will be added to our conference google group email list.
    2. You will be able to ask to membership in our conference private group
    3. and October 15 (the day before the start), we send to your email the link to connect to our Google Meet 


// The Kidlink Association board.


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When you click on www.kidlink.org you may find info that our site is not secure.

Dont worry. You can continue navigating www.kidlink.org by

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