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Full Moon with paraglider

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Project Shared with Kidlink Association by Bonnie Thurber, USA, and Hongfeng Guo, China.
Project managers: Bonnie Thurber & Hongfeng Guo

Technical support:
Bonnie Thurber

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Moon Over Us promotes the observations of the Moon by participants on different continents. Participants learn about the moon and its phases and compare images by posting, sharing and discussing them in a Moodle course. Each evening participants observe and sketch or take pictures of the moon beginning January and ending February 7. While working the participants may also create poetry and other artistic expressions about our moon and share them in the Moodle Course.

Age group

Suggested ages for this project are 10-14 years old


Participants research and share stories, legends and poetry about the Moon. The result is an intercultural exchange of explanations about the differences of each country from the sky, the data gathering technology, and cultural traditions. Students have discussions about their images and the similarities and differences of the moon in different hemispheres.

Information channels

The easiest way for me to communicate is with Whats app.  I would like to put teacher names and phone numbers in a what’s app group.
You may also join “Moon Over Us” Facebook group.

Student work example

Student Moon of Moon Phases

Registration Deadline:  December 20, 2020 

    1. By December 20, 2020 Send to the project manager a student list with: username, password, firstname, lastname, email, and  school name. hard return to
    2. By Jan. 1, 2021, the Coordinator/Manager will send back a list of student usernames and passwords.  Please test them for each student and give them out.
    3. Present your school and students
      by creating a School Introduction. Go to the Moon Over Us Course and click the link to the  Moon Over Us 2021 page , Enter the School name for the title and write a two line description of your school. Include an image of your school. 
    4. By Jan 7, School Introductions must be shared on the Moon Over Us 2021.



This project has three sections.  After completing the first section, you may elect to complete either or both section 2 and section 3.

Section 2: Moon Over Us: Monthly Cycle and Influence on People is a project conceived by Herbert Puehringer from Salzburg, Austria. It was developed as an investigation about the influence of the moon on our lives. In the project, students share research about the history of their people and how the moon has influenced and affected them.

Section 3:  In this project, students become cultural astronomers. They take a survey about the moon; draw images or take digital pictures of the moon once a week or more at approximately the same time each evening in March and April to get the full cycle. After posting their images with time, date, latitude, and longitude, students research and compare each others’ images of the moon; create more web pages that include poetry, history, beliefs, stories, and research. Students use dialogue, comments, and discussion to share their valuable insights. The project ends with a final survey and sharing reflections. Students receive iCollaboratory/Kidlink Web Badges and a certificate for completing the project.

Kidlink/iCollaboratory Moodle

Because Kidlink Moodle is not working completely, the project will run in iCollaboratory’s Moodle. Once teachers are approved for the project they can view all the activities.

This year we will be using for all posts.


Useful Resources


Join the project group in Facebook to get in touch with the managers of the project and the teachers collaborating in the project and/or What’sApp for questions and answers discussed.