Collaborative Comic Proposal

Project name?

  • SOS- Shred Our Stereotype

STS – Stop the stereotype

Elevator pitch

  • For group of schools from conflict and post conflict zones
    • Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Irish Catholics and Protestants
    • Pairing schools  where there was reconcillation in some, and ongoing conflict in others
    • share stories about the process of reconcillation so that those in the midst of it can pass on knowledge to those in need of starting the process
    •  develop the process model (bricolage, incrimental and agile development) so that it can be shared and adapted, and modified

Project description

  • Collaboratively created comics with shared narratives
    • 4-6 schools for grades 10-12

Project history/influences

Project influence (word?)

  • Pedagogy
  • History and social studies
  • language
  • Anthro (?)
  • Migrations and diaspora studies
  • art
    • production
    • visual analysis


  • Introduction to the form and formal elements
    • McCloud, Lynda Barry, Eisner
  • Introduction to the narrative
    • Joseph Cambell or similar
    • Roger Schank (adapted for students or only for teachers)
  • Introduction to illustration
    • Possible use guest lecturers via Skype or Google Hangout


  • individual 2-3 page comic, personal narrative of 1 event, using specified elements of narrative and graphic
  • collaborative effort/ 3 person groups with artist, writer, colorist. assigned event/genre/story
  • collaborative effort with 3 person groups where one of each group (for example the writer) moves to a different group
  • collaborative effort with this group where they do “turnkey”, meaning select their own story, develop and write.
  • replicated among the schools- where one specific contributer moves to a group in the next school
  • repeat second part of the process

Draft reading list

  • Maus
  • Arab in America
  • American born Chinese
  • Understanding comics
  • The Shadow (Yang and Liew)
  • Market Day (Strum)
  • Arab of the future
  • Persepolis
  • A game for swallows
  • Rolling blackouts (glidden)
  • The best we could do (Thi Bui)
  • The great war (Joe Sacco)

Platform- plus and minuses

  • WordPress
  • Google exhibitions


  • Comic life for computer and phone
  • presentation (Keynote, PP, etc)
  • Mac, PC, Smart fone, Cell phone


Idea #2- based upon ongoing conversations with Larisa 

  • target- 6-9th grade (or higher)
    • 6+ schools
    • Digital image wall
    • Shared coloring page images
      • basic shape (outline of a  gingerbread -like person)
      • distributed to each participant
      • need to do a “self portrait” in the template
      • decorate with traditional clothing
      • share images so that participants of distant schools add color
      • images are either digital, or scanned or photographed and added to the wall
      • names and locations of artists, colorists, creators, added to wall
Proposed time-line
July: Outreach to potential partner schools to begin relationship building

August- developing collaboration protocol and schedules with participatinsg teachers; teacher training for syllabi, technology and tools, process, etc.

September-October (return to school), teachers introduce the project for selecting/identifying student participants I am still developing the rest of the curriculum, but I would like the whole project to be one school year in length, and will follow this basic process:

  1.  Introduction to formal elements of sequential narrative (comics), with an assignment for each student to create a simple 2 page comic, utilizing a designated number of the formal elements (illustrating motion, time, etc)
  2. This will be about 2 weeks long. Following this, there will be readings on a variety of topics and artistic styles, as well as projects that increase in complexity and length, culminating with a collaborative story made my teams with members across the globe.
I am mostly interested in fining schools in conflict or post conflict zones. I know of a school in Israel that is completely bi-lingual in Hebrew and Arabic. But I’d like to work with Larisa and ….