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Hello and Welcome from your project coordinator, Terry Smith, associate professor in elementary education at Radford University.

This challenging project is for students ages 9 and up, typically in grades 4 through middle school.  Because the age ranges can go as high as 16  with some of our international players who speak English as a second language, the project has two levels of play. The younger players are in the Primary Game (Groups A, B, and and sometimes we add a  C group) and the older players usually are in the Challenge Game. Younger teams are welcome to be in the Challenge Game, but the level of difficulty is much greater. See the instructions on each of the links above for rules specific to these two levels of play.

Who participates in Landmark? Teams from The Czech RepublicLebanon, Russia, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, South Africa, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Israel, Canada, Spain, England and Slovenia.

Sample Videos:   Mrs. Bashour’s class in Lebanon.

 Project-based Learning in Global Competencies

The cross-curricular Landmark Games provide practice for developing the global competencies students need to succeed. While working with topics related to geography, history, literacy, math, and science, students are also developing the competencies with Collaboration, Organization, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Technology Skills, and Global Awareness. One exciting outcome is that Teachers develop enduring relationships for future classroom-to-classroom interactions around the world!

 How to Register and Join

If you have played before, you do not need to register again. Go to the following link to register and/or sign up for this year’s project.

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Networking With Other Professionals
We have a project Facebook Group (a closed group for teachers only – Please Request to Join) where important project communications are share. And you can  tell us about your part of the world, what your class likes to do, and about your school. You can communicate with other participants from all over the world. We always encourage creative use of technology so also communicate with Skype, Twitter, Padlet, and texting as well as email!

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