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– Answer Sheet Challenge Clues 2018
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Week 3 Challenge Group – 2018
Please Copy and Paste the Weekly Clues for use in your classroom.

NOTE: Teams may only ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or a No. One question per team, per week.

Week 3 Challenge 2018

(1) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Gillum) Liberty, MO

1. Still has secrets to be revealed
2. Earthquakes destroyed portions of the landmark
3. Vaults of what once breathed life
4. A workplace for Ford
5. Near water without life
6. Greek meaning reflects the structure
7. Hollywood use of this site
8. Lost civilization
9. Frankincense and Myrrh were vital to their economy

(2) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Masker) Liberty, MO

1. May through November are peak visiting times
2. Rainy days affect my physical appearance.
3. Named after the discoverer.
4. Discovered unintentionally
5. I’m the highest of my kind.
6. My Spanish name defines me
7. About 7 times taller than Lady Liberty.
8. The natives feared getting too close to me.
9. In the northern hemisphere (not the southern).

(3) Alexander Doniphan Elementary(Team Heiman)Liberty, MO

1. Locals call it the home of arts
2. I’m not currently working
3. My vegetation display has achieved honors
4. Highest non man-made point in the city
5. About 650 above the sea
6. Leadership’s elephant assisted with development
7. In my natural form I resemble a 3D mathematical figure
8. Due to damage, viewers need to hitch a ride.
9. Our landmark built the foundation for a city

(4)Andrew Lewis Middle School (Fortnite Gods) Salem,Virginia

1. There is no informal wear allowed.
2. While building there were many workers on site all the time.
3. It has glass panels.
4. There was at least one designer.
5. It has more than 100 parking spaces.
6. There is at least one floor below the ground.
7. It is found near a palm tree.
8. It was built before 2005.
9. It uses over 1 ton of chocolate per year.

(5) Andrew Lewis Middle School (Waffle House of Uganda) Salem, Virginia []

1. It is near a mosque.
2. It is named by a person.
3. It has been destroyed in movies.
4. It is very stylish and fancy.
5. It took approximately 63,000,000 seconds to build.
6. It has a hotel named after it.
7. It is has been around for over half a century.
8. It has a wine bar on the top floor.
9. It gets repainted.

(6)Andrew Lewis Middle School (Mrs. Painter’s 1st Period) Salem, Virginia []

1. Some parts of it can flood.
2. Tourism is very well developed here.
3. The population is over 10,000.
4. There’s a race that goes through it.
5. There are no definable boundaries.
6. It gets under 10 inches of rain a year.
7. The temperature can get to -10 degrees.
8. Although the regions are remote they can be easily accessed from most major cities and towns.
9. It has diverse wildlife.

(7)Andrew Lewis Middle School (Paintineers) Salem,Virginia

1. An earthquake is no match for it.
2. It is made of white stone.
3. It is the most visited place in its country.
4. It is over a 10 hour flight from us.
5. It is abandoned.
6. 2500 people arrive daily.
7. It is known for unique dry stone walls.
8. Their government protects it from being destroyed.
9. It is made up of more than 150 buildings

(8)Andrew Lewis Middle School (Uganda Knuckles) Salem,Virginia

1. There is no dress code at it
2. It took more than 10,000 workers to construct it.
3. It is located by a body of water.
4. It’s under 5,000 feet tall.
5. You cannot take pictures inside of it.
6. People thought it would only take eight years to build it.
7. It has 2 to 4 million visitors each year.
8. It is over 30 feet tall.
9. It took more than 20 years to make.


(9)Barneveld School (Masterminds) Barneveld, WI

1. The house there is off kilter
2. Built to honor a wife’s untimely passing
3. Mythology inspired the strange creations
4. A scream frozen in time. Enjoy your luncheon.
5. A place of violence and fear surrounded by a beautiful garden
6. No pets, videos or cameras
7. Created in the 16th century, and ignored for 400 years.
8. Inspired a famous artist to make surreal creations
9. Your reason will leave you.


(10) Barneveld School (Prodigies) Barneveld,WI

1. Its rocks are as old as the ancient early dinosaurs
2. The current structure is the third on the site, and dates from the 15th century.
3. Beware the poisonous shrubs
4. Its country is in 2 different hemispheres
5. Caves lie beneath it, and once they were used for an escape from an attacking army
6. A train used to take people there
7. The action of an angry queen gave it its name
8. A thankful witch placed a good spell on it
9. It’s quite a climb to the good part. Watch out for germs

(11) Eldorado Springs Elem (Global Guys) Eldorado Springs, MO

1. This landmark has decreased in height by approximately 2000 cm in the last 700 years.
2. The entrance fee for this landmark is less than $1 USD.
3. This landmark is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
4. This landmark was partly destroyed in the 1900s.
5. In the 13th century, the city where this landmark is located was attacked by Mongols.
6. This landmark is near several mountains.
7. There are several graves near the landmark.
8. There is a legend connected to this landmark.
9. The country where this landmark is located has approximately 6 million people living there.


(12) Gymnazium dr. A (Team 1A) Humpolec, The Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I am man-made.
2. Because I am very old, sometimes I was destroyed, then rebuilt and altered.
3. My first name was connected with a person who brought me up and who is still with me.
4. I have a circular floor plan, I am in a city whose nickname is “Evergreen City.”
5. The bridge, which leads to me, has the same name as me.
6. I connect two states.
7. I used to be a home for Giordano Bruno in the past.
8. A part of me are four Towers, they are named by the gospel.
9. I used to be famous, and my fame was dusted off by the film “Angels and Demons.”


(13)Gymnazium dr. A (Kvarta)Humpolec, The Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I am located in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. You need to drive about 200 miles to my state capital.
3. There are many towns like me in my country.
4. Derelict buildings and vehicles litter my streets.
5. I am closer to Mexico City than to Washington D.C..
6. I am located exactly on the border of two neighboring states.
7. About 5 people lived here in 2000.
8. One of the buildings here was featured in the movie “Cars”.
9. People started to leave me when the I-40 was built.

(14) Gymnazium dr.A (Kvinta) Humpolec, The Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I was built for a different purpose than I serve now.
2. One of a kind in my country.
3. You need a certain license to enter my premises.
4. Looking through a window will provide a view no other hotel can give you.
5. Scientists lived and worked here before I was remodeled as a hotel in the ’80s.
6. There are no stairs in here, but you still need to go way down to enter.
7. Take a deep breath, it’s 21 ft from “surface” to my front door.
8. My name takes inspiration from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
9. I am located near a shore of “The Sunshine State.”

(15) Gymnazium dr.A (Tercie) Humpolec, The Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I am located in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. You can drive to Yellowstone National Park in less than two hours.
3. I was designated as a National Historic Landmark in the ’60s.
4. I was established in the Gold Rush period.
5. A lot of tourists visit me every year to get a taste of the Old West.
6. There are between 150 and 200 people currently living here.
7. Founder of Bozeman, Montana lived here.
8. The state I am located in has the Great Falls and the Missouri River on its seal.
9. Former residence of Calamity Jane.

(16) Krasnodar School#95 (Bears95) Krasnodar, Russia

1. Old memory.
2. Fauna.
3. Unique in the world.
4. Regional and international projects.
5. There is extraction of oil and gas near this landmark.
6. Ticket is 50.
7. It has a big fridge.
8. Northern hemisphere.
9. 1799; 1991.

(17) Municipal Sec School#5 (Nutcrackers) Krasnoyarsk,Russia

1. In the European part of the Eurasia.
2. Located in the city center.
3. Some residents of the city do not know about the existence of this landmark.
4. The city changed its name.
5. In the year, when the landmark was created, an English theoretical physicist was born.
6. It is a museum now.
7. It is a multi-level building equipped with elevators.
8. In the city which will host the World Cup -2018.
9. The city on the banks of the Volga.

(18) Municipal Sec School#5 (Bermuda Triangle)Krasnoyarsk,Russia

1. 35-45 degrees North
2. 40-50 degrees EAST (not West)
3. 9th century
4. a legend tells “God gave him wings”
5. a library, a dining hall, and a belfry inside
6. an ensemble of similar buildings
7. 14th and 15th centuries
8. used to host an important university
9. 280 km away from the capital city

(19) Phoenix School (PhoenixKids) Salem, MA

1. Named in honor of a king
2. Fought with neighbors just 1000 km away
3. Average temperature about 34 degrees F
4. El clima peligroso conduce a un cuerno peligroso
5. Kings watch over you, but aren’t human
6. Beware of the skua or it might steal your egg
7. Get ready for a sandwich with a side of crumpets and tea
8. May Ernest rest in peace
9. You might encounter ghosts in this blubber-filled, open-air museum

(20) School#7 (Yamalia Kids)Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Dist, Russia []

1. I am tall.
2. High speed lifts.
3. I am colorful at night.
4. Meteorology.
5. Base jumping.
6. I was mentioned in different magazines many times.
7. Firework fest 2017.
8. There was a fire at the beginning of the 20th century.
9. I was projected during one night.

(21)School #1492 (Curious Snowmen) Moscow, Russia

1. The wind plays Curling here.
2. The sun loves this place.
3. Artists come here in search of inspiration.
4. This place is considered to be lifeless. The elderly tribe’s chief will laugh at this joke.
5. Come here in order to learn if there’s life on Mars.
6. The most famous film starred in this most unknown place.
7. Don’t look down! Diabolical fish are watching you curiously and sharpening their teeth.
8. Argentina is situated in the opposite hemisphere.
9. This landmark is located between 100 and 120 degrees west longitude.
(22)Schuylkill Valley MS (Schuylkill Valley Panthers) Leesport, PA

1. Located in eastern hemisphere
2. Tomb for multiple people
3. Multiple levels
4. About 200 feet tall
5. Country’s flag is red and white
6. Mosaics are along the inside
7. Completed in 537 A.D.
8. Surrounded by flowers and a fountain
9. Modernly a museum

(23)Secondary School#2 (World Explorers) Nizhegorodsky region, Russia []

1. Northern hemisphere.
2. 18-16th centuries BC.
3. A museum now.
4. The place that was once under the threat of the planned flooding.
5. 55 and 60 degrees eastern longitude.
6. Territory of about 5 acres.
7. The home for 600 species of plants.
8. 3 rings.
9. The model of the Universe described in ancient books.

(24) Secondary School 92 (Siberian Wildcats)Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1. An ancient city used to be here.
2. In 1988 it acquired a new status which made people think how to keep it safe.
3. All 17 are hot… some are very hot.
4. In the mother tongue there is some fiber mentioned in the name.
5. You can both improve your health and enrich your knowledge of history here.
6. It is similar to the iceberg that doesn’t melt in the warm weather.
7. Some scenes with Nicolas Cage were filmed here.
8. Tranquility, meditation and peace. If you’re tired, welcome here.
9. There are two symbols on the red flag of the country where this landmark hides.

(25) William Monroe Middle School (Dragons) Stanardsville, VA

1. This landmark was built on top of a volcano.
2. Many people have died here.
3. It was once a prison.
4. Some say it is haunted.
5. Legend has it that if students walk in this landmark you will fail your final exams.
6. An elephant once lived here.
7. People have lived here since the Bronze age.
8. A queen once died of a broken heart here.
9. It is located in the city that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

(26) Wyomissing Jr/Sr High (Trash Pandas) Wyomissing, PA

1. Many people stay here year-round.
2. You can get there by hiring a rickshaw.
3. The name is alliterative.
4. Overlooks a mango grove
5. Executive change during construction
6. There are artistic dedications to the past
7. Commissioned in the 16th century
8. Built by a father and son
9. 大花园


End of Week 3 Challenge Clues – 2018



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