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Answer Sheet Primary A – 2018
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Week 3 Primary A – 2018
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(1A) Aban School 3 (Team Kazakova) Aban, Russia

1. Historic Landmark
2. The latest of its kind
3. It has some copies.
4. The northern and eastern hemisphere.
5. I have been registered as a cultural heritage of the capital
6. inspired by the photograph of the three leaders
7. 72 nd anniversary
8. I’m in the coldest national capital in the world
9. the “Big Three”
(2A) Antona Ingoliča Spodnja (Ghostbusters) Polskava, SLOVENIA
[] Holidays-Feb 24 to March 5.

1. It’s made of stone.
2. It’s manmade.
3. It’s 220 m long.
4. There is a bridge 450 m away.
5. East hemisphere
6. It’s between 46 and 45 degrees North
7. It was destroyed in World War 2
8. Used for Bungee jumping
9. It was built in 1906
(3A)Evansville Attendance Center (Evansville Eagles)Evansville, IL

1. This landmark is not located in the Southern Hemisphere.
2. What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?
3. In 1960, this landmark was declared a National Historic Landmark.
4. French Fries.
5. British Airways.
6. Indian in the Cupboard.
7. Land of Lincoln.
8. Rendezvous.
9. Not short, but long. Not obtuse or acute.

(4A) Flex Academy (Dutch Americans) Little Chute, WI

1. More than 10 million people visit there each year.
2. It is 1.7 miles long.
3. The construction of this landmark gave people a chance for steady employment during the Great Depression.
4. In 1930, there were 2,300 lawsuits filed against it.
5. It is in a bay in the Pacific Ocean.
6. The color of this landmark is called international orange.
7. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere.
8. The longitude of it is 122.4783 degrees W
9. This landmark withstood the destructive Loma Prieta Earthquake

(5A)Gymnazium dr.A (Sekunda)Humpolec, Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I am on the Old Continent. (19th meridian)
2. My country gone the world a colourful puzzler in a shape of cube.
3. My biggest town is 315 m above sea level.
4. I look like made of stone, but I am from light material.
5. Grass serves me as a duvet.
6. I decorate the square which has the same name as one of many spas in my town.
7. I was born due to Art Market 2014.
8. My creator has the same name as the creator of Mamzelle Nitouche.
9. I am gigantic.

(6A) Krasnodar School#95 (Clever Learners) Krasnodar, Russia
[] skype-tikhonova1975

1. World War II
2. Its high is about 8 meters.
3. It is a pearl.
4. It is made for a king.
5. It has a lot of items.
6. They looked for it.
7. Russia and Germany relationship.
8. Northern hemisphere (30-59).
9. 1717, 2003…
(7A) Lyceum 1 (Bullfinches)Kansk, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Russia

1. More than 400 million years.
2. People considered this place as sacred
3. 21 species of plants.
4. Up to 200m.
5. More than fifty kilometers.
6. Was founded in 1995.
7. Temperatures down to -60C in winter.
8. You can find this landmark between 120- -130 Eastern Longitude.
9. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.

(8A) Manor Hill Elementary (Patriots) Liberty, MO
[] Twitter @LorieVerde

1. It is in the same hemisphere as the United States of Micronesia.
2. The creator is buried here.
3. It has an elaborate water channel.
4. It’s between 30 and 40 North latitude.
5. It is a royal pleasure spot.
6. It is the longest public green space in its city.
7. The public was allowed access to this site in the 1930s.
8. The landmark was named after a Mughal emperor.
9. It is on the slopes of hills.

(9A) Municipal Sec School#5 (Team Ulya) Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1. 55-65 degrees North, 1-5 degrees West
2. Joint Operations Graphic reference NO307
3. Duncan Forbes, 1881
4. an episode in D. K. Broster’s The Flight of the Heron (1925)
5. the Young Pretender
6. “The English Stone”
7. STARZ series Outlander
8. archaeological excavations
9. the last field battle in the country

(10A)Northwest Middle School (Unicorn Explorers) Reading, PA

1. In the past it was 28m (92 ft.) elevation
2. Used to be a filming location
3. It formed in 1979
4. It was a major tourist attraction
5. Located in a country where they used to pay tribute by giving a falcon
6. Made out of limestone
7. Used to get fined for walking across it
8. It’s in the Eastern Hemisphere
9. It’s a natural landmark.

(11A) Odyssey Day School (Team Odyssey) Wakefield, MA

1. Tropical paradise lined with coconut trees
2. Contains longest uninterrupted beach in this particular country
3. Latitude = 10.2 degrees North
4. Mainly composed of sedimentary rocks from the Mesozoic age
5. Has been home to armies as well as a prison and is made of 28 islands
6. Has a national park and protected marine environment
7. You can take an oversea cable car to island hop!
8. You can catch a direct 12 hour flight here from London.
9. Main economy is fishing, and it is famous for its black pepper and fish sauce!

(12A)School#7 (Team 11A)Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Dist, Russia

1. It is between 40 and 50 degrees E, Northern hemisphere.
2. It is tilted to the North-East.
3. It deviates from the vertical nearly 2 meters.
4. The first mention of it was in 1777.
5. This area is associated with many legends.
6. There were different names of it.
7. It is 2 meters above the famous leaning tower of Pisa.
8. It is a cultural heritage site.
9. It is one of the main symbols of the city.

(13A)Secondary School#7 (North Star)Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug,Russia []

1. Stairs, a lift, exits, corridors, strong doors, items for daily living.
2. It was kept in secret.
3. It is connected with the Academy of Culture and Arts.
4. Now it is the Museum.
5. This landmark is 37 meters underground.
6. One needed the planning of “Airport” Moscow metro station.
7. It was constructed in 1942.
8. You can find this landmark between 53 degrees N latitude, 50 degrees E longitude.
9. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.

(14A)Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Phantoms)Victoria, Australia []

1. It is sometimes known by another name
2. 60 meters
3. Northern Hemisphere
4. Communist forces overthrew the monarchy in 1975
5. One is a sacred sight
6. Between 19 – 21 degrees North
7. Visitors will cry tears
8. In spring there is less
9. 3 tiers


(15A)Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Maniacs)Victoria, Australia

1. It has been renamed several times most recently in 1891
2. Between 20 and 25 metres km long
3. In the same hemisphere as Westhavelland
4. Receive close to 500000 visitors each year
5. Can be visited all year round
6. Between 55 – 60 degrees North
7. It has a star rating of 4.8
8. Its water depth 220 feet
9. Been a retreat since the end of the little ice age

(16A) River Trail School (Vikings) Gurnee, Illinois
[] https://sneedclass.weebly.comTwitter:@SneedClass

1. It has been featured in movies, documentaries, and video games
2. It is 92 feet (28 meters) wide.
3. It is visited by almost 2 million people each year!
4. It was constructed in pieces and had to be shipped and put together.
5. The stones used to make it came from Sweden.
6. It was vandalized with graffiti in 2010.
7. Construction started in 1922.
8. This landmark is in the western hemisphere.
9. This landmark is located between 30 degrees W and 50 degrees W longitude.
(17A)Tatem Elementary (Bushey’s Topdawgs) Haddonfield, NJ
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1. I’m on or off depending upon the weather
2. Only seen in March & April
3. It was was discovered by a person who was born in a year that adds up to 17.
4. Keep Out!
5. Surrounded by 3
6. Ice created one part
7. This landmark involves above and below
8. 34 degrees North Latitude
9. In the same hemisphere as something related to Galileo

(18A)Verona Area International School (Chinese Masters) Fitchburg, WI
[] 我们的组名

1. Longitude of this landmark: 34.341574. 我们的地标在经度
2. On March 29,1974, there was an important event related to this landmark.
3. It’s a little warmer than Wisconsin.
4. This landmark has a landmass of about 16,808 km².
5. This landmark has a mountain that is 4,272 feet tall.
6. The landmark is 1,074.7 kilometers away from Beijing.
7. This landmark has a wall surrounding it.
8. The landmark is protecting someone who died.
9. The population is about 7.5 million.

(19A) Yangon International School (Team Stoolz) Yangon, Myanmar

1. The worst damage was caused by a 1768 earthquake
2. Built around the 6th century
3. About 99 meters tall
4. Eight strands of hair from the head are included
5. 15- 20 degrees North latitude
6. The 99 meters high is completely covered with gold plating
7. Please remove shoes and socks
8. In 1871 a new diamond-studded piece for the pagoda’s structure was donated
9. This landmark is in the eastern hemisphere.
(20A) Grey Nun Academy (GNA Gators) Yardley, PA

1. The original cost for this landmark was $7 million dollars but then the final cost was $102 million dollars.
2. This landmark was supposed to take 4 years to build but it ended up taking 14 years. They had 10,000 people working on the project.
3. More than 8.2 million people visit this landmark in a year.
4. The architect of this landmark was chosen in an international competition to design it.
5. This landmark is located in the southern hemisphere.
6. Influences for this landmark’s construction included Aztec and Mayan ruins.
7. In June 2007, this landmark was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the World Heritage Convention.
8.This landmark rests along a waterway on a piece of land whose name means “where the knowledge waters meet.”
9. This landmark is open to the public 363 days of the year.

End of Primary A Clues Week 3 – 2018



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