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– Answer Sheet Primary B-2018
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Correction for 4B (Gymnazium dr. A (Prima)- The number 229 should be 299.

NOTE: A new team was added to Primary B – (19B) Eldorado Springs Elementary on Feb 13, 2018.

The weekly clue sets will be posted here beginning Monday Feb 12 with the first 3 clues from each team.

Week 3 Primary B – 2018
Copy and Paste the Weekly Clues for use in your classroom


(1B) Antona Ingoliča Spodnja (Team Pomaranče & Banana) Polskava, SLOVENIA
[] Holidays-Feb 24 to March 5.

1. People’s Garden.
2. Once it was a cemetery.
3. It was opened on 12th July 1952.
4. It’s located about 13 kilometres from the airport.
5. It’s on East hemisphere.
6. It’s got more than 12.000 seats.
7. Due to excellent acoustics it is a popular choice for concerts and other cultural performances.
8. It is often renovated to suit the international stadium regulations.
9. It can be find between 40 and 50 degrees north longitude.

(2B) Eugene Field School (Huseman) Hannibal, MO

1. Destroyed in 2004
2. An engineering marvel
3. Longest of its kind
4. Latitude of 30 degrees
5. One fourth of a mile long
6. Cost 16.2 million dollars
7. Not in the Southern Hemisphere
8. Ivan destroyed the first
9. Reopened in 2009

(3B) Flex Academy (Flying Dutchman) Little Chute, WI

1. 5 classes of animals live at this landmark
2. This landmark is 466 km long
3. Theodore Roosevelt visited here
4. This landmark is over 5 million years old
5. This landmark is located in the Northern hemisphere
6. In 1956, this landmark was the site of a deadly plane crash
7. This landmark is located in the United States
8. 22 kinds of bats live at this landmark
9. Longitude:112 degrees 8 min 24.4 sec W or -112.140111

(4B) Gymnazium dr. A (Prima) Humpolec,The Czech Republic
[] Vacation: 2/26/18-3/2/18.

1. I am in the town which is in the heart of Old Continent ( 50th parallel)
2. I am man-made.
3. I am over 100 years old.
4. They wanted to demolish me during WW2.
5. I brought joy for the visitors of the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891.
6. People, who suffer from vertigo, won´t probably like me.
7. I am a younger and 5 times smaller free copy of my model in the town of chansons.
8. The whole city lies open beneath me, but I get out of 299 times before I reach a fascinating view.
9. I can see the seat of the president and sometimes a mountain 1,602 m high.

(5B) Innovations STEM Academy (Rusty Buckets) Sparta, Wi

1. My twin is a mirror image of me
2. Made in the lucky month
3. My creator has the first name of a video game character.
4. Made of concrete
5. Southern hemisphere
6. More than 25 years ago I emerged
7. I’m reaching for the stars
8. Stands at above 10 meters tall
9. Latitude: 24

(6B) Kristvallabrunns school (Team K-Valla) Nybro, Sweden

1. Our landmark is located in the northern hemisphere.
2. Our landmark was built in 1957.
3. Our landmark has one elevator.
4. Our landmark is around 100 meters high.
5. The latitude for the landmark is 50 degrees N.
6. Our landmark weighs 2,400,000 kilos.
7. People and landmark celebrated their mutual birthday by free entrance to the landmark.
8. Our landmark was renovated in 2004 to 2006.
9. Our landmark is a symbol for the capital.


(7B) Lyceum #28 (Rainbows) Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1.This landmark is in the Northern Hemisphere.
2.Over 200,000 visitors per year are recorded.
3.Its total area is 47,219 hectares.
4.The Longitude is 93 E.
5.It is not manmade.
6.It is nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site
7.It is located 10 km south – west of the city.
8.In 1851 the first sports record in Russia was set.
9.There are more than 189 rocks and about 60 of them are 50-100 meters high.

(8B)Miles Family Home School (Team Pokemon) West Palm Beach, FL  []

1. I am underwater.
2. I am in the Keys.
3. I am seen on diving trips.
4. You can find this landmark between 25 and 35 degrees North latitude.
5. This landmark has been in existence since 1965.
6. This landmark is in the not in the southern the hemisphere.
7. This landmark is religious.
8. This landmark’s total weight is over 9 tons.
9. I am a statue.

(9B) Naches Valley Middle School (The A-Team) Naches, WA

1. 3,500
2. At the right angle, it appears to be a geometric shape
3. Vikings invaded Europe during the same century this landmark was built.
4. It is in the Northern Hemisphere
5. In the nineteenth century a man from Europe discovered it.
6. You used to drink out of me but now you can’t.
7. It’s latitude, when rounded, is 30 degrees N.
8. Ghoomar
9. We have knights that rise and knights that fall-what movie am I in ?

(10B) Oakwood Elementary (McEllis) Hannibal, MO

1. Hundreds of Araneidaes come here in the summer.
2. Our landmark is over 10 miles long.
3. Destruction of this landmark is caused by humans.
4. Part of the ancestral home of the Paiute people.
5. Landmark has slowly been disintegrating over the past 100 years.
6. Our landmark is named after a scout.
7. Its longitude is over 100 degrees.
8. A town named after a flower is nearby.
9. Our landmark is not located in the southern hemisphere.


(11B)School#7 (GAZEP FORM)Gubkinskiy,Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Dist, Russia

1. There was a war here.
2. Northern hemisphere.
3. Its latitude is approximately 40 degrees.
4. It was abandoned in 1917.
5. Natural phenomena damaged it.
6. Jackie Chan filmed here.
7. There was a restaurant here earlier.
8. You can get here by bus № 32 and 102.
9. It is an emblem of a part of the area.

(12B) School #121 (Smart Detectives) Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1. This landmark has 90 different sections.
2. This landmark is both entertaining and educational.
3. This place is in Northern Hemisphere.
4. This landmark is situated next to the shore.
5. The water comes straight from the sea into this landmark.
6. The mascot of this landmark is a manatee that was saved by scientists.
7. It is a few minutes away from the lighthouse.
8. Its geographic coordinate is -69.850711
9. It has about 34500 square meters.

(13B) St. Catherine’s School (Mangos) Richmond, VA
[] Skype-KatherineSMangum

1. This place was once the home of a hydroelectric power plant.
2. This location is above the equator.
3. Union soldiers were imprisoned here during the Civil War.
4. This location was first explored by Captain John Smith in 1607.
5. You have to cross a suspension footbridge to reach me.
6. This location is in middle of an urban city.
7. Decimal Degrees Latitude: 37.5290357
8. If you visit me, you will see the power of the Hollywood Rapids.
9. Passages Adventure Day Camps are held here in the summer.


(14B) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Gladers) Victoria, Australia

1. Construction started in 1869
2. Very famous in its own country
3. A model of it has been constructed using Lego blocks
4. It is a manmade object
5. A person was destined to live in it but died before the structure was finished
6. It is in the same hemisphere as Mexico
7. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
8. Latitude between 47-49
9. A real-life fantasy world modelled after medieval legends

(15B) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Hurricanes) Victoria, Australia

1. It is not in the same hemisphere as Spencer Lake
2. You have to pay to visit, it will cost you 1694.28 Yen
3. There may be more than 3000 eyes
4. It is between 19-20 degrees north
5. You might want to stop off for a quesadilla on the way.
6. One of the creepiest places in the world
7. The creator of this place has passed away
8. It is like a grave yard
9. The creator’s death occurred in the same year as the first Harry Potter movie hit the screens.


(16B) Streletskaya/Zavidovskaya (Cool Friends) Belgorod region Russia []

1. eastern hemisphere
2. a hard worker, a traveler, a warrior, a lifeguard
3. changed its name in 1927
4. Medals for achievements
5. the first museum exhibition was opened in 1995
6. it’s one of the interesting sightseeing and has a lot of visitors every day
7. In 1992 the safe-conduct was given and he became the monument of state value
8. 59 degrees north
9. the centre of studying of the history of sea pole researches

(17B) Verona Area International School (Make Your Mark) Fitchburg, WI
[] Team: 我们的组名

1. This landmark was once under Japan’s rule
2. Students wear school uniforms and teachers give a lot of homework.
3. Longitude is 120-130
4. Weather is more hot and warm than cold, but very hot in Summer
5. Mosquitos are all over the place in Summer
6. In 1949: A new dollar is introduced at a exchange rate of one NT to 40,000 old version of dollars.
7. Mango ice cream and pearl milk tea very popular
8. In 1925, the population of this country grew to 3,993,408
9. Very famous Night Markets in this city-Language: Mandarin, Hakanese and a few more
(18B) Blue Mountain School (The Natural Disasters) Floyd, Virginia

1. It is 4,300 years old.
2. It is a living ecosystem.
3. It is at 34 degrees north latitude.
4. It is the northernmost ecosystem of its kind.
5. South Korea is to the north of it, China to the west.
6. It is in the Korean Strait.
7. It is underwater.
8. It is composed of a genus of corals called Favia.
9. Tsushima Island, Japan, is the closest land.
(19B) Eldorado Springs Elem (Landmark Locators) Eldorado Springs, MO []

1. The temperature at this landmark can get over 115℉ (46.1 C)
2. The longitude of this landmark is between 40-45 degrees.
3. This landmark was created in the 20th century.
4. This landmark is in the Northern hemisphere.
5. This landmark is 150 feet below sea level.
6. The color of the landmark is yellowish.
7. The population of the country where the landmark is located is approximately 105 million.
8. The landmark’s name was made up by the Afar People.
9. The language the people speak in the country where this landmark is located is Amharic.

End of Week 3 Primary B Clues



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