Looking out your window – Phases/Timeline

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After have filled out your Application form, registered in Kidlink and checked the Guidelines to participate, you are ready to start:

Phase 1 (15 Sep-10 Oct)

  • Send to the coordinator a list of your teams with name, age, gender of the students. TIP(You can have just one team, but if the students are several, our suggestion is to create more teams)
  • Go to the Looking out your window Home page
  • Introduce your school/teams by creating a School Introduction Page under Students Activity  2017
  • Dialogue among teachers will take place in Looking out Project FB Group 
  • By 30 Sept. all School Introductions must be ready and shared in Students Activity 2017
  • By 10 Oct. it will be care of the Coordinator to match the schools  and to post the lists in the Students Activity 2017 page.

Phase 2 (10 Oct- 30 Oct)

  • Teachers  talk with students about the  countries of respective partners  by using maps and other resources.
  • Then the teachers will ask  to students to imaging , if their partners, look out of their bed room window,  what might they see.
  • Students  write one or more short text about what they imagined and draw pictures according to their perceptions. TIP: (Students can work individually or in teams)
  • Starting from their own School Introduction Page, teacher (or each student or team) * will create pages where to publish texts and scanned images. It’s possible also to use other tools like Google Drive or Padlet and post the links or better integrate it in the School page.

* How to Partecipate – Kidspace for students

Phase 3 (30 Oct – 10 Nov)

  • Once the both partners posted their respective texts and pictures or the links to other tools in kidspace pages, a feed back will be given by both parties by adding comments in the pages.  After that they will compare their perceptions and discuss about.
  • A Skype session is suggested

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