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This exciting project is created to help schools from different parts of the world get closer and learn more about each other via Video Messaging. It provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers around the world to get acquainted with schools traditions, their students’ interests, hobbies, preferences, ask any questions to get knowledge about towns, cities and countries they live in. It is also an opportunity for us to become community ambassadors and spread Global Friendship by working collaboratively.

The new technologies and social advancements are knocking down the boundaries that once kept cultures isolated. Let’s use them to know each other better by learning things not from books but from video messages made by ourselves. 

Remember the proverb: “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

Fill out our Application Form and Join the “Schools Around the World” Global Kidlink Project and spread your voice across the continents!

TARGET AGE GROUP: This project is for any age group. It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level.

GUIDELINES TO PARTICIPATE       Don’t forget to read carefully this page!!

Registration Deadline: 15 Feb

If  teachers want, students can participate even by creating   pages themselves .They can type their questions and make the teachers’ work  easier. This can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students.

How to participate – Kidspace for Students

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