Sharing options


Having a global dialog with our students may imply a sharing of student works. Kidlink has helped students share their works since the beginning of the digital comunication, starting with sending fax, snail mails and later on emails.

Today we have a palette of different sharing tools.

sharing with kidspace

Kidlink built its own Content management system (cms) called kidspace where thousands of students have share their works.

Here are a few examples of nice student works in kidspace:

The  positive thing with our Kidspace cms  is that registered students can create their pages and talk to each other writing comments as you can see in the examples above.

Today we can also suggest using

Sharing with Google drive documents

your students create a  Google document and share a public link.

See how this school worked in “Where do I live?” project

Sharing with Padlet

Look at how a padlet work is integrated in a Kidspace page at