Introduction Cookies Database


“EU laws demands that we ask for your consent to use cookies and store any personal data.

Kidlink strives to be completely GDPRS compliant,



We use cookies only when you login Kidspace ( , like:

  • your username
  • if you made a successful login
    • Current login options are:
    • NO:  You do not need to login. You visit the pages as a read only guest.
    • YES: you want to login to be able to read more information and to make comments

We  save this info to ensure that our pages work properly for you, showing what you are allowed to see when logged in, such as: page authors name and page comments.

We do not share any data from you and your registration data, with other services.





Your passwords are saved in encrypted form so no one, not even the database admins, can read your password.
Old passwords are permanently deleted.

If you register you automatically allow us to save the information you compiled in the registration form.

If you want to delete or change personal data  in our database do like this:

  1. log in to kidlink
  2. click onyour username
  3. when your profile appears, click edit and change your data.

 You can also send email to and request the removal of your account from our system.