Rules to Participate

We have different rules for different projects.

Some projects take place in Kidspace: an on-line environment that allows teachers and students to collaborate in global projects by providing a wide range of easy-to-use features and functions. 

KidSpace makes it easy for students and teachers to publish and share their global dialogue on the web by creating webpages which contain images, sounds, short animations, text, and videos.

I Describe myself You Draw me, (DD),  Schools Around the World, (SATW), Diamond Poema, What’s my number, and some others take place in Kidspace pages and use FB groups for teachers communication.

Doves for Peace, Landmark game run via email and in FB. They don’t use Kidspace, but teachers have to apply by Application Form and register to Kidlink. Suggested and welcome s school presentation in Kidspace page of the project.
You can read the rules to participate in each project home page.

If you want to participate  in DD click here

Rules for DD
“I describe myself you draw me”

DD requires cooperation between students and teachers!
Please do not join this project if you are unable to  communicate during the project and help your students with their pages and comments.. 
When teachers do not participate, then the entire project is affected and the dialog dies.

During the project you will communicate regularly
with your teacher partners and with the project coordinator by Facebook DD group, emails or other.

Your goal is to get a good dialogue between the students.
You must therefore monitor how the project is progressing, and be up to date with the coordinator’s latest instructions.

Another  goal is to enhance students’ work autonomy by giving them the opportunity to create their own pages with a personal Kidlink account.

Requirements for this project (If you want your students get a Kidlink account)

  1. The students must be registered by their teacher “classroom registration” (takes 30 minutes to do)
  2. Your  students  login Kidspace and publish their descriptions in pages they create in Kidspace  at the schools main page
  3. Your students write comments under the other students  descriptions to ask for more details.
  4. You as a teacher approve your students pages and the others students comments.

Click here to see example of a students description page.
NB. To see comments you must first log in Kidspace.

If you as a  teachers do not activate your students pages and comments written on their pages, the page and comments won’t become visible and the cooperation stops.  

Check your email!
For this reason it is necessary that the emails with which teachers are registered, are operational and always controlledKeep checking your inbox  (spam folder too!) to watch if there are new comments or new students pages to activate. Teachers that do not approve youth comments, will therefore be reminded by email about unapproved comments and if they still do not approve comments, they will have their pages inactivated.

Parents permission
Teachers placing student images on Kidspace must have permission from parents to do this. Avoid student photos if possible.

Checklist – Before you participate to this project 

If you want to participate in this project we ask you therefore to follow the checklist below.

  1. Communication. You must communicate regularly with your teacher partners and with the project coordinator
  2. Operational email. You email registered in Kidlink must be operational. Note: some russian provider often consider Kidlink email like spam. (,,…) Please don’t use these in Kidlink projects.
  3. Check your  inbox You must check your mail inbox on a regular basis for project information and updates
  4. Make a classroom registration 
  5. Approve your students kidspace pages and their updates.
  6. Approve comments. You must approve quickly the comments written on your school page and in your students’ page as not to interrupt the dialogue.