WAI2000 – phases

PHASES -for full working project

Start (for teachers)

  1. The teacher asks the headmaster for support, informing him/her about the  WAI 2000.
    For any headmaster requests, contact the project manager/coordinator.
  2. The teacher finds teacher partners to cooperate with
  3. The teachers fills the  Project application Form (link also on the top of this page.
  4. Teacher informs their students about the project and its phases
  5. Teacher and students register to the project.
    See below under registration.
  6. Make a school presentation
    The teachers are invited to present their school shortly so other participating teachers will understand who they are cooperating with.
    N.B. If the school has been presented during another Kidlink project, a link to it is shared with the project manager.

Phase 1 – Who am I? – Discover and describe yourself

Go to this page to read activities for this question.

  2. Are you able to avoid conflicts? How do you do?

Phase 2 – What are my roots? – Looking back in time

Do you have any old photos of your family? With your parents permission, share photos with your class.

  1. Have your family moved from the city/nation where you were born?
    When did you move?
    Do you know why you moved?
    Ask your parents to tell you about the places that you can’t remember because you were too little when you left.
    Phase 3: What Do I Want To Become as an adult?
    Go to this page  to read activities for this question.

The students wonder about different adult options and their advantages and disadvantages in Society.
How is it to be e.g. a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, an electrician, a carpenter, etc. Talk with other adults, parents or relatives. 

Phase 4: What do I need to do, to achieve my goal?
Go to this page  to read activities for this question.

  • What topics are important to study and know ?
  • What kind of studies/practices do I have to attend and do?