KA Board & Chair Descriptions


The KA board members are all volunteers. Some are also project managers.

Here on this page, you find a description of what the different Board members do to lead the KidlinkAssociation and Kidlink project.

The Kidlink Association Board is elected during our yearly Annual meeting.

The volunteer Board members are elected at the Association Annual Meeting
The goal for the Board is to follow the AofA and the Annual plan. it attends regular board meetings to discuss among others Annual plan issues, projects, and online services management.

We have published the Board lists for



Meeting procedures

We do our best to follow Roberts rules of order. See https://www.boardeffect.com/blog/roberts-rules-of-order-cheat-sheet/  

We have about eight meetings every year, starting on Sunday, the first weekend of the month. 

All meetings have two parts, one: asynchronous and one synchronous.

  • Asynchronous: We usually start our meeting with this. You write your thoughts in a Google drive meeting document in the green comment boxes. You can do it asap or when you find time e.g on weekend or after work.
  • Synchronous: We usually end our meeting with this. These are run in-person online using either Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. Meeting times are sent out in GMT format.

You find out your time Googling on your laptop (does not work on phone) e.g. “What is 15.00 (4 digit) my local time”) Click on this Google link to see.


Project managers

Project managers are also volunteers. Some project managers are also members of the Board and some are deputy board members.
They have to follow the project manager checklist.

Look at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AeOrk7Yno78WP090Cxev9PtQ-G2sDtefVqXgJy-HPG8/edit?usp=sharing


KA board members

The main goal for the board members is to achieve the goals in the plan approved by the board meeting. The board members’ responsibilities are described in the AofA art 14.

All board members must pay KA fee every year as only KA members can be elected as Board members.

We can not afford to have vacant board chairs.



Ordinary members

We do not recommend ordinary members to manage Kidlink projects as ordinary board chairs requires time. 

  • Ordinary board members attend all the board meetings.
  • if an ordinary member does not attend a Board meeting, the member informs the chairman before or at the call to order, so he/she can find a deputy to take that chair
  • They take the secretary chair once a year.
  • Help out creating the Annual meeting documents (Annual report and/or  plan, annual meeting pages in www.kidlink.net)
  • Help updating the Kidlink project main pages.





The role of a chairperson is well described in https://www.bupa.com/corporate/who-we-are/corporate-governance/roles-of-the-chairman-and-ceo

Here is a list of what the Kidlink chairperson does:

  • The Chairmperson signs together with the treasurer for the Association responsible for Kidlink Association contacts with authorities and banc.
  • Collaboration
    • is in contact with the KA members.
    • collaborates with the elected KA Board deputy chairman and treasurer on a regular basis in a so-called Executive team.
    • Takes care of contacts with authorities and the KA banc.
    • Is in contact with vacant board members.
  • must ensure that the Annual Plan chosen by the KA members, is followed and that the AofA (Articles of Association) are respected.
  • Board meetings
    • Prepares, starts, and leads the Kidlink Association (KA) Board meetings.
    • Delegates development of docs like e.g. Annual Report and plan.
    • Finds Deputy member that can take over a vacant chair.
    • Minutes
      • Sends approved KA Board meeting minutes to the KA members.
  • Annual meetings (AM)
    • Gets the Auditor Financial revision from the treasurer and links to the doc in the AM page
    • prepare the revision
    • Sends the AM notice 31/12 and starts the Annual meetings February 1, starts the AM and  the election of AM chairman, secretary, vote counter and AM Minutes verifier.
    • AM docs linked in www.kidlink.net menu
    • Check that all AM chairs (AM chairman, secretary, vote counter, and minutes verifier are nominated (Board meeting January.
    • Sends  AM call to order and start election of
      • AM chairman,
        AM secretary
  • Kidlink information
  • With the help of the Executive Board and Project managers, checks and updates information about Kidlink Association and the Kidlink Project in: 
    • www.kidlink.net
      • Project center
      • To check info at each Board meeting
      • Menu
        • check that the menu has working links to important docs
    • www.kidlink.org
    • Facebook main groups




  • Accounting
    • Checks banc and Paypal account
    • and update the accounting book
  • Paypal
  • Collaboration
    • Is in contact with the banc
    • Collaborates with the auditor in developing Financial reports for AM.
    • Shares link to the Auditor Financial revision with the KA Board chairman before AM.




According to AofA, Each board member should accept to volunteer as a KA board meeting secretary once a year. Board members can choose when to take this chair in the KA Board meeting log document

  •  Is elected at each KA board meeting.
  • Write the Board meeting Minutes in collaboration with the Chairman.



Annual meeting chairs



Vote counter

.The vote counter receives and checks vote mails and updates the AM vote log in www.kidlink.net.

Minutes verifier





Deputy board members

Deputy members are important for the Kidlink project.
Deputy members do not need to participate in all Board meetings.

As a deputy member, you have therefore time to run Kidlink projects.
But good participation qualifies for a nomination as an ordinary member.
By becoming a deputy board member, you will learn how the Kidlink Project is led. You will become a consultant that the Board will listen to.

You will also learn what it means to be an ordinary board member.

As an experienced and active deputy member, you can become an ordinary member when an ordinary member leaves the board. 

Here is a list of what a Deputy board member does:

  1. Participate in online board meetings when possible with proposals and thoughts.
  2. Monitor and reply with comments ( likes and views are not part of a good clear dialog ) in our private board Facebook group when posts are sent there.
  3. Optional: As fits your needs, you might even run a project!
  4. “Deputy board members take the chair of a vacant ordinary board member at board meetings when an ordinary chair is vacant and chairman requests.”
    (AofA  Article 14  The Board Responsibilities
    See www.kidlink.net/index.php/aofa-2021/  )
    Comment: We never oblige you to take a vacant chair. You are free to accept or not.