D/D Describe and Draw 2021


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 DD – Application Form

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Project donated to Kidlink Association by  author: Pia Avolio de Martino  (Italy)
Project manager: David D (Catalonia)

Technical support:
Stellan Kinberg (Italy)


Write a description of yourself  and a student in another country will make a drawing of you.
You have to do the same with your partner: read his/her description and draw a portrait for him/her. Below is one f many examples form Student activity Kidspace
 “My hair is brown and long and wavy. I have no fringe at all I comb my hair backwards and I wear a broad white ribbon, my eyelashes are long and dark brown. The eyebrows are brown. My eyes big and brown. The shape of my face is long and my cheeks are a little round. My mouth is red with rather thick lips. I am pale and I like to wear a black teashirt.”

Portrait drawn by Arianna (Italy). They have been both very skilled in describing and in drawing.



Age group
This project is for any age group. (It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level.)


Join to this project and let your students learn how to write an accurate description and how to draw a portrait following what their partners have written.

It’s a project that promotes responsibility among students; commitment, and respect of the timeline. Frequent contacts are essential, because the classes are reciprocally dependent on one another.
Read more in “Objectives” (extension)

Dates are preliminary!

Phase 1 – JOIN TO THE PROJECT (registrations and school presentations)
(First edition: from October 16 to October 31th – 2021)
(Second edition: from January 23st to February 28th – 2022)


  1. When you receive the invitation, if you want to participate, please, fill in  this teacher’s registration form (link) in order to be registered in the project.
  2. Send to the project manager a list of your students’ names (with name, age and gender of them). [deadline, February 21st]
  3. Start writing a presentation of your school and group (google drive document or email) and share with the project’s manager to be published by him. [deadline, February 28th]
  4. By 1/3 2021 the project’s manager will send you a list of registered schools matched in pairs, ready to start the following phase. All the matched schools will pear in the “Artwork 2021” page: DD home page (link).

The project manager pairs the groups and share this work in Kidspace. Look at this example.

Phase 2 – SHARE DESCRIPTIONS (descriptions being written at school and shared)
(First edition: deadline November 15th – 2021)
(Second edition: deadline March 21th – 2022)

Teachers introduce the project to the students and invite them to write their descriptions.

Descriptions are shared with the collaborating school. Collaborating teachers previously agree how they do it. We suggest these 3 ways to share descriptions:

Phase 3  SHARE and PUBLISH PORTRAITS (Students draw and share the portraits)
(First edition:
deadline December 20th – 2021)
(Second edition: deadline end May – 2022)

Not all students are good at drawing, but they should commit to follow the directions in the description as much as possible.

Scan/photo the drawings (for Kidspace publications, size of your scan/photo must not be larger and higher than  500 pixels. Format must be: jpg or gif)

Send/share the images to be published (and publish the images for your students). You can send/share the images to the teacher of each pupil that wrote the description, in one of these methods:

The project manager can also post the portraits near the descriptions of your students.

The project manager keeps a log to see that all have got a drawing.
Look at this example

Phase 4: Fun time at home

(First edition: December vacation – 2021 )
(Second edition: June – 2022)

Students can get in touch with the other students.

requires classroom registration

Student login kidspace and go to Kid center where they find other Kidlinker kids they can get friendship with.

Information channels
We will inform in project center (see menu above) and
in our public D/D Project FB Group when it is time to start in spring 2021″.

Student work example
Look at this nice description and drawings in Student activity kidspace

Read the rules to follow

Register in Kidlink www.kidlink.org

Fill out the DD – Application Form

Ask to join our private D/D Project FB Group 2021
You can find some useful tutorials in our FB group DD (check the Files)


If teacher wants, students can participate even by creating pages by themselves where they will type their descriptions and make the teachers’ work easier. This can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students. How to participate – Kidspace for Students

Useful link:

  • ww.kidlink.net/index.php/project-center/dd-2021/dd-resources/
  • Exercize in classroom.
    Training description in your own classroom using your mother language
    One group sit on the floor in a ring with the back to the center.
    The second group forms a inner ring Sitting with an image on themselves visible on a mirror or a phone. The inner ring describes themselves. The outer ring makes a simple drawing. The outer ring may ask clarifications.
  • DD en Català: “Jo em Descric i tu em Dibuixes
  • Join the project group in Facebook to get in touch with the managers of the project and the teachers collaborating in the project.