WAI 2000 -phase 2-3


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  1. Phase 3
    Question 3: What Do I Want To Become as an adult

Here are the activities for this phase.
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Classroom discussion Questions Activities (suggestion)
  • What is your favorite subject at school, (besides recreation time!)?
  • What careers need skills in your favorite subject?
    What career do you want to make as an adult?
  • Skills
    Look at  Gardner intelligences.
  • What skills (visual spacial, lingustic etc) must you develope to succeed in your chosen career?
  • What is the favorite occupation in your family?
  • What do your parents wish or suggest you to become as an adult?
  • Prejudices.
    Have you heard people saying “a girl cannot be this” or “a boy cannot be that”. Should gender dictate what you can do? 
  • What do you need to do, to achieve your goal?
    • Developed skills and knowledge.
    • School/universities.

  • Tabulate the results to see the most popular careers in your class.
  • What is the favorite career among your classmates? 
  • Share with the collaborating schools your results.
  • Invite if possible persons with different occupations to visit your school and talk about their work. Send invitations to the other classes participating with you in this phase.
  • Every class will prepare a list with questions they will like to ask that person. Do some research on what the person does.
  • Make a list of famous people. Read about their lives and achievements. Explain how do you think your chosen famous people accomplished their fame. Make drawings to illustrate your work and share with other classes participating online. What schools and Universities are reachable for you in your area?
  • What do they require from you to allow you to attend (examination results, tests, skills, money,…)?


Phase 4
Question 4: What do I need to do, to achieve
my goal?

  • What topics are important to study and know ?
  • What kind of studies/practices do I have to attend and do?