Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting 2018 agenda.

  1. Call to order. (1 February)
  2. Registration of members participating in the meeting.
  3. Election of meeting chairman and secretary.
  4. Election of meeting minutes verifier and votes counter.
  5. Approval of meeting notice ( to be sent at least one month before call of order).
  6. Adoption of the meeting agenda.
  7. The Board’s Financial Statement 2017 and the Annual Report 2017
  8. Auditors review of The Annual Report 2017 and Financial Statement 2017.
  9. The Annual Plan 2018.
  10. Approving of the previous Boards work. (= grant discharge to the Board)
  11. Establishing membership dues.
  12. Motions from the Board and the Members. (Pias motion about Kidart)
  13. AofA revision article 13. 4 deputy member instead of 3
  14. Election of four deputy Board members for one year terms.
  15. Election of ordinary Board members.
  16. Election of one auditor for a one year term.
  17. Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes for the year 2017.
  18. Closing of the Annual Meeting. (Approximately in the end of March)

Article 2 – Association and authority

…  The authority of the Association is the Annual meeting, extra ordinary member meetings and the Board.

The Kidlink Association’s Tenth Annual Meeting will be in February and March starting from February 1, 2018. The meeting runs in the member Google group. The Annual Meeting minutes will be shared to the members from this page.
Here are the documents:
  1. Activity and Voting Log 2018
    (external link to Google drive sheet)
  2. Annual Meeting Notice 2018
  3. Articles of Association 2017, art 13 to be revised during AM
  4. Annual Report 2017 and Annual Plan 2018
  5. Financial Statement and Auditor’s review 2017 (will be updated and finalized during January 2018)
  6. Annual Meeting Minutes 2018
    (to be written by the elected secretary during the AM.
  7. Kidlink Association Google group (click here to review all AM emails, may require login to gmail)

Resources for the auditor (please do not share the following links)


Previous Annual Meeting documentations are found from here