Diamond Poema

Objectives Student activity Phases / timeline

With this project, we suggest you try an unusual form of poetry: from a photograph or a drawing, write a poem that has a diamond shape. One way to let your imagination and your creativity run free, but also following a very detailed model.

TARGET AGE GROUP:  This project is for any age group. It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level

TO REGISTER TO THIS PROJECT WRITE TO THE COORDINATOR: David Donat at donatdavid@gmail.com      


  • Create a picture or drawing using a computer graphics program or a handmade artwork (as a painting, sculpture…)
  • Take a photograph or use any other visual medium to save your work as a gif, jpeg, jpg file
  • Write a diamond poem related to your Artwork
  • Write some sentences or more describing your Artwork
  • (optional) Record the poem and save as a midi or wav file
  • Save all in your kidlink page, at Kidspace (look for your school presentation page and create your personal page under it)
  • During the project, students are invited to dialogue one each other through posting comments in their partners pages

Example of our “diamond poem”:
A noun
Two adjectives
A complete sentence
Two nouns
A verb



Registration Deadline: 15 Oct.

If teacher wants, students can participate even by creating by themselves pages where to type their poemas and add the image.  This can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students. To manage the students in this way look at:  How to participate – Kidspace for Students