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The registration is open
Project starts on September 2023
Coordinator: Manoel Araujo Filho from Brazil


Objectives: to carry out experiments in different schools, using different equipment and laboratory materials. Evaluate and compare the results obtained through different procedures.

Procedures: raise lists with the possible to be carried out with the materials and laboratory kits that the school. Choose one or more experiments. Establish schedules for carrying out activities. Disclose the schedule to the other project participants. Define one or more partner schools, where a similar experiment should be carried out. Conduct experiments and data. Evaluate the results and create tables, graphs and reports.

Discuss (online and offline) with partners the preparation, delivery, results and activities.

Deadlines: Applications are …….

Participants: groups of students from the 5th grade of elementary school at high school can apply. Undergraduate students from university  will also be able to monitor and carry out a “virtual internship” during the project.

Tools: throughout the project, we will be using tools and environments for distance education, which facilitate interactivity and the exchange of information and opinions between participants, between teachers and between teachers and students.