My Favorite Snack – Description

Project Manager – Elizabeth Munro

Project Languages – English and Spanish

Description Student activity Phases / timeline Objectives


What is your favorite snack? Snacks can be comforting and sometimes nutritious. We like to share them with friends when we are studying or just having fun. Getting to know someone while sharing a snack is great! Let’s get to know each other. Join us in an exploration of our cultural traditions by talking about and sharing our favorite snacks.

Part 1 – During this project students will do the following;

  1. Introduce themselves and the city and country they come from
  2. Show and describe their favorite snack
  3. Explain what the ingredients are
  4. Explain the characteristics of the snack that are appealing
  5. Explain when they eat that snack
  6. invite their project audience to share it

Students will create a FlipGrid video of no more than 3 minutes and post the link onto the group Padlet.

Part 2 – Students will share a written recipe for their favorite snack. They should include ingredients, measurements and the procedure for preparation.

Part 3 – Students prepare and eat the snacks suggested by their international peers. They should comment on the success of the recipe on the Padlet post of the snack.

Join the “My Favorite Snack” Global Kidlink Project and learn and share the favourite snacks with peers around the world!

Enrollment Deadline: September 22

Start of the activities:   Part 1: October 2

Part 2: November 6

Part 3: December 4

End of activities: Dec. 15

TARGET AGE GROUP: This project is for 10-14 age group. It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level.

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