My Favourite Snack – Description

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This “gourmand” project is created to provide students with an opportunity to learn and share the diversity and the similarities of the different cultures and traditions in the world, focusing especially on the food we call snacks.   So that students will learn more about each other’s favourite food/snacks, they will post in their pages in kidspace: pictures, drawings, recipes, Video Messaging/Slide-show. As with many others Kidlink projects, also this provides a wonderful opportunity to make friends around the world to be acquainted with recipes of their favourite food and snacks. 

We are aware that often the favourite snacks of our students are junk food. So that it’s interesting to indicate about this to compare these snacks in different countries and then ask students to indicate instead a genuine snack as a second choice.

Join the “My Favourite Snack” Global Kidlink Project and learn and share the favourite snacks with peers around the world!

Enrollment Deadline: Sept. 20
Start of the activities: Oct. 1st
End of activities: Dec. 25

TARGET AGE GROUP: This project is for 10-14 age group. It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level.

Please, first of all read  carefully the GUIDELINES TO PARTICIPATE  

If a teacher wants, students can participate even by creating by pages where to type their texts and post pictures. This makes the teachers work more easy and can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students. How to participate – Kidspace for Students