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Description Student activity Phases / timeline Resources Objectives

An exciting project created years ago by AllanG -Australia for all children who love to write and share their writing.

Basically, it is the sharing of creative writing. All children love to do this. It is one of the most successful collaborative activities that childen undertake at school. The results can be surprising. Add to this an ICT component and it becomes a most worthwhile activity.!

It’s a project that promotes responsibility among students; commitment, respect of the timeline. Frequent contacts are essential, because the classes are reciprocally dependent on one another. Do don’t forget to join to Finish my Story FB Group to keep you informed and in touch.

TARGET AGE GROUP: This project is for any age group. It’s suitable for EFL students at the basic level

Registration Deadline: 10 Feb 2018

If teacher wants, students can participate even by creating by themselves pages where to type their stories and to upload their drawings and make the teachers’work more easy. This can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students.
How to participate – Kidspace for Students

Usefull links

  • Students Activity: a working space for teachers and students. See what other students created in the past.
  • Phases and Timelines:
  • Resources:  Some example to support your pupils to write a story.
  • Students registration 
  • Objectives: The skills the students will be able to engage and improve

Join the project group in Facebook to get in touch with the managers of the project and the teachers collaborating in the project.


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Project coordinator: Pia Avolio de Martino  

Description Student activity Phases / timeline Resources Objectives