International Poetry Month – April 2023

Whether it be a sonnet or a cinquain, we encourage students to share their literary work and discuss it with one another. Students can use this project to develop their poetry knowledge and writing skills by sharing and discussing poems they have written, narrated and/or illustrated (optional) in an online Poetry Month community.

The Kidlink invites all students to participate in the International Poetry Project. To register a group of students, please complete the Kidlink/Moodle registration form.


Course outline:

Pre-April 1, 2023:  Everyone registered through Kidlink Moodle.

Challenge 01: Participants Take a Poetry Survey April 02-08

Challenge 02: Participants study and Select  Poem types April 02-14

Challenge 03: Participants Write a Poem on the Padlet Created by the Course Instructors April 08-21

Challenge 04: Participants Share & Comment April 22-30

Challenge 05: Google Map of the Global Participants

Challenge 06: Participants Take the Final Survey and write a shared Reflective Summary

Participants receive a badge or certificate for participation.