How to Participate

Please Review Our guidelines for ALL Projects: Kidlink Netiquette

For all projects, these are requirements:

  • To register to Kidlink  (Free of charge) Gives you access to join any of the projects.
  • To Join a project, fill out the Application Form that is found on each project page. 


How Kidlink works
Some Kidlink projects run only in Facebook groups or by email, e.g. Landmark Games and Doves for Peace. Other projects need that participants publish and share their activities in  Kidspace, which is a separately managed web space and is explained below.

Kidspace is a unique online environment that allows teachers and students to collaborate in global projects.

KidSpace makes it easy for students and teachers to participate in numerous collaborative projects.  In some projects, you will use KidSpace to create simple web pages. Kidspace allows you to integrate other tools like Google Drive, Padlet, etc.


To be able to accomplish this,  it is necessary for all participants to get a Kidlink account

Kidspace for students

If a teacher prefers,
students can participate by creating web pages themselves where they can post texts and images and make the teachers’ work easier. This can mean greater involvement and responsibility for students.
In this case the teacher needs to also register students in order to set up their passwords.

How to handle Kidspace for your students.

  • The students login and create their own pages in Kidspace starting from their teacher page.
  • The teachers must approve or reject their own students’ pages and comments on. They receive alert emails with a link* to make visible these comments or pages.
  • Every time your student edit his page, you will receive an alert email. 
  • The students visit partners’ pages and write meaningful comments on their pages.

enlightened  Look out: you need to be logged into Kidspace before clicking on the link*

enlightened  Be careful ! Students’ pages have to be created by your School Introduction Page. Otherwise, you will not receive alert emails to activate them! 

  Go to this page to read: How to register students