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The purpose of the  the Kidlink project

The purpose of the Association is among othes

“to promote a global dialogue among the youth of the world. The Association supports the dialog with communication on the Internet and also supports communications in other media.

The Association works to achieve its objectives/goals through several educational projects belonging to the “The Kidlink Project”. The projects are created and developed through an international collaboration of volunteers and are offered to schools, organizations and youth around the world for free.”
(Read article 3 and more in Kidlink Association Articles of Association)

Working/collaborating in the Kidlink project

 About this is described in detail in


History of the Kidlink Project

The Kidlink Project was born in 1990 in Saltoy, Norway, during a cultural event, thanks to the collaboration of a group of teachers from different countries and is based essentially on voluntary service. Read more in 



Online services

It is now hosted on a network with several sites and services, e.g. Kidspace, Moodle, Facebook groups, Padlet etc) that allow teachers and students to collaborate in several projects by providing a wide range of easy-to-use features and functions. The main goal of Kidlink Project is helping children through the secondary school level, to be involved in a global dialog. 





originally registered in December 2008 in Goteborg, Sweden
and since 2019, registered to Italy.

The Board
Kidlink association has an international board that met regularely via Internet. Read more at



To participate in Kidlink Projects

To participate you must register for a New Account with Kidlink.
Teachers do this one time so that their students can participate in Kidlink Projects.

This is different than being a KA member, which has a fee that varies per country and gives voting rights in the association.

We expect all teachers and students to follow the Kidlink Netiquette

This Netiquette  explains the courteous expectations of participation by all users of Kidlink online spaces and projects.

Welcome to the Kidlink Project!