Kidlink Netiquette

                                                  How to Participate

(This content is currently under review by the Kidlink Board.)

KIDLINK is a global community. Users are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Please adhere to specific guidelines that are listed here.
Failing to obey may lead to the discontinuation of membership in the organization.

The aim of the given guidelines is to create an empathetic, compassionate, kind, collaborative, and safe platform for all the users whether teachers or students.


Points to ponder:

  • Embrace the co-existence of different cultures. Different countries have different cultures.
  • Avoid jokes that can lead to misunderstanding.
  • Use global languages for communication.
  • Be clear while communicating in the Kidlink platform.
  • Use abbreviations carefully to avoid misunderstanding.

For Students:
1. Be Polite

2. Be courteous
3. Be appreciating
4. Be respectful
5. Be a good listener

For Teachers:
Update project managers through proper communication channels immediately if any problem occurs during the ongoing projects, and especially if you are unable to complete the project due to unforeseen circumstances.

Strictly Prohibited:
Do not indulge in plagiarism.

2. Obey copyright laws.
3. Do not use images that are not free to use and share. We do allow short citations. Follow citation rules then using “ ”, unique identifiers, and parenthetical referencing.

If You Encounter a Problem

Immediately mail to  if you receive any inappropriate messages, calls, or emails. We are here to help. Kidlink pledges for the cyber safety of its stakeholders.