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Phase 1 – Who am I? – Discover and describe yourself

Here are the Wo am I?  activities.
The original version published by the project authors is available at

copied from https://www.kidlink.org/drupal/node/135

During 2022-2023, we suggest you let your students answer the questions in Padlet.

Discussion Questions Activities (suggestion)
  • Introduce yourself to those who are participating in WAI 200. Include your name,  town, village, or city, and country.
  •  What is your favorite activity
  •  What is your favorite school subject?
  • What skill are you good at?
  • Who is your favorite singer/ musical group?
  • What is your favorite dish? Share a receipt.


  • Share your name, town, village, or city, and country.
  • What is your favorite activity (drawing, reading, dancing, singing, a physical activity, writing.

  • Skills are according to See Howard Gardner:
    musical, visual, language, motoric, natural,mathematical,
    Interpersonal is that you are an appreciated friend.
    intrapersonal is that you know your own feeling and can give name to these. You often know why you feel like you are)Share a  recording of your favorite music or group ora link to a youtube.
  • Share a photo of your dish and if possible also a list of ingredients.

Share your answers in a Padlet with the subtitles:

My first name: 
My age is :
My town/village is :
My country is:
Pet: (no pet/type of pet):
Favorite school subject is:
Favorite activity is:
My best skill is:
My favorite music is :
My favorite dish is: 


Go here to read how to do it.

Phase 1: Who Am I?


Phase 2: What Do I Want To Become as an adult?

The students wonder about different adult options, their advantages and disadvantages in Society.
How is it to be e.g. a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, an electrician, a carpenter, etc. Talk with other adults, the parents or relative. 

Phase 3: What do I need to do, to achieve my goal?

  • What topics are important to study and know ?
  • What kind of studies/practices do I have to attend and do?

Phase 4: What are my roots?