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Registration Deadline:  January 14, 2023 (Spring Session)



the project is still under development!
You are welcome to participate in its development.

In this project you work for SGDS goal 3:

These are the questions and activities of the final project probably fully developed and running from 2024.


What are my family roots?

(from spring 2023)


What Do I Want To Become as an adult?
(from autumn 2023)


What do I need to do, to achieve my goal?
(from autumn 2023)


This project is for any age group. It is also suitable for EFL students at the basic level.

Project background

The project is a short version of the “Who Am I” program.

  • The Roots project  author: Epi Sepulveda 
  • “Who Am I” program creator and developer: Patricia Weeg (USA), Odd de Presno and Anne Tove Vestfossen (Norway) 

The project supports the students to identify and appreciate themselves within their own family lineage. 

They will be encouraged to gather information about their heritage from various sources (parents and if possible, grandparents).

We all know our own countries very well, but what about the “others”?

Our companions come from countries, near or/and far.

The students are invited to ask other students to know more.

The global dialog is the main focus of the project. It is critical that kids have enough time dedicated to the dialog. So teachers need to guide their students in answering the questions.

Information channels

We will inform you here on this page and in our WAI Project private FB Group when it is time to start spring 2023″.

Student work examples

Our Kidspace CMS contains a lot of student work.
Here is a page with a family of three:


Here is a page where Swedish students tell about their parent’s school life.


Kayla shares some information about her grandparents in the USA.

During the development of the project we run :

  • (question 1) from 2022 (running now)
  • Questions 1,2 from spring 2023
  • Question  1,2,3 from 2023
  • Questions 1,2,3,4 from 2024

Timelines are made in agreement with teachers who participate in its development. 

  1.  WAI 2000 Project FB Group


CMS (content management system)

We are trying out  Moodle and Padlet for this project during 2022.
A private Facebook group will also be used for manager-teacher coordination.

Kidspace CMS

We invite the teachers to present their school in our old cms  Kidspace. Some may have done it already participating in another Kidlink project.

The project manager will share school presentations and selected examples of student works or part of work in Kidspace. Of course with the permission of the student, teacher and parents.

Kidspace is the student work archive. here you can see the previous student’s works. You do not need to log in to see these.

You go there by clicking here.

Moodle CMS

click here to go to our Moodle CMS
Login as a guest before registering.

Since 2022 we let teachers and student work on this system.

You can log in as a guest. But to see the project assignments in Moodle, you must register and login. You do this by clicking here.



The project is under development for 2022-2023.

Phase 0 – for teachers only – from SPRING 2024

  1. The teacher asks the headmaster for support, informing about the WAI 2000 during autumn 2023.
  2. For any headmaster requests, contact the project manager/coordinator.
  3. The teacher finds teacher partners to cooperate with
  4. The teachers fill out the Project application Form (link also at the top of this page.
  5. Teacher informs their students about the project and its phases
  6. Teacher and students register to the project.
    See below under registration.
  7. Make a school presentation (e.g. under the main page in Kidspace CMS)
    The teachers are invited to present their school shortly so other participating teachers will understand who they are cooperating with.
    N.B. If the school has been presented during another Kidlink project, a link to it is shared with the project manager.

Development phase 1 (running now)
Running Question 1: Who am I? – Discover and describe yourself

Go to this page to read activities for this question.

STUDENT ANSWERS: We suggest you let your students answer the questions during 2022-2023 in Padlet.

Added to Phase 1 in 2024 – Intrapersonal and other skills
(from 2024)

All students have their specific potential.
Growing up, they discover their potential, intelligence and skills.
The teachers can help their students with this.

It is also important to develop intrapersonal skills, in other words, growing empathy, like e.g. recognizing their own reactions and getting better in the face, voice, and behavioral recognition. With improved intrapersonal skills they become better in interpersonal relations.

It is known that students with good interpersonal skills succeed better in school and later at work, as they become better at avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts.

During phase 1, the students get time for an introduction to intrapersonal, interpersonal and other skills.

Development phase 2 (from spring 2023)
Adding question 2: What are my roots? – Looking back in time.

Do you have any old photos of your family? With your parents permission, share photos with your class.

  1. Have your family moved from the city/nation where you were born?
    When did you move?
    Do you know why you moved?
    Ask your parents to tell you about the places that you can’t remember because you were too little when you left.

Go to this page  to read activities for this question.

STUDENT ANSWERS: We suggest you let your students answer the questions during 2022-2023 in Padlet.

Adding question 3. What Do I Want To Become as an adult?
(from autumn 2023)

The students wonder about different adult options and their advantages and disadvantages in Society.
How is it to be e.g. a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, an electrician, a carpenter, etc. Talk with other adults, parents 
or relatives. 

STUDENT ANSWERS: We suggest you let your students answer the questions during 2022-2023 in not decided yet.

Development phase 3 (from autumn 2023)
Adding Question 3. 
What Do I Want To Become as an adult?

STUDENT ANSWERS: We suggest you let your students answer the questions during 2022-2023 in not decided yet.

Phase 4 (from autumn 2023)
Adding Question 4: What do I need to do, to achieve my goal?

Go to this page  to read activities for this question.

  • What topics are important to study and know ?
  • What kind of studies/practices do I have to attend and do?

STUDENT ANSWERS: We suggest you let your students answer the questions during 2022-2023 in not decided yet.

Phase 5 – End of project youth dialog

When the project ends, we allow students who want tom to  keep in touch in a youth forum




  • As said above, for teachers to be able to read the students answers
  • and for student to answer questions in the project you must register here in our Moodle cms.

What happens then?

  1. The project manager/coordinator will then add you and your students as members of the WAI 2000 project.
  2. Then we keep in touch in our private FB group and the email group for phase 1.


WAI 2000 Answers in Padlet

Students answers for 2022-2023 will be shared in Padlets.

register in Padlet in app or padlet home page.

  • installing the Padlet app
    • Choose the no cost/free padlet option
    • choose email and pw (take note about pw!)
    • In the welcome to padlet screen click on “Join” in the footer menu
    • Enter the https://padlet.com/kinbergstellan/wai2000 address
    • or scan this QR code
    • Write your answers
      Click on the plus sign to enter the same titles as anonymous did:
    • My first name: 
      My age is :
      My town/village is :
      My country is:
      Pet: (no pet/type of pet):
      Favorite school subject is:
      A favorite activity is:
      My best skill is:
      My favorite music is :
      My favorite dish is: 
  • or going to www.padlet.com on a laptop
    • join padlet with the address “https://padlet.com/kinbergstellan/wai2000
    • click o the red plus button to add your titles and answers:


WAI 200 Answers in Wakelet