Kidlink Trademark

The Kidlink name trademark

The Kidlink name and logo are service marks of the Kidlink Society. The Kidlink name is a U.S.registered service mark, Reg. No. 2,078,489 with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and has been so since 1997-07-15.

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Online abuse of the name Kidlink

We started to use the name Kidlink back in 1990

We are aware that our original trademark of KIDLINK is in use by other websites which are not involved in global education projects. We have had this trademark since 1990.

Anyone using our name without our permission is liable.

Kidlink project copyright and author recognition

All Kidlink projects have been created by Kidlinkers around the world. They have donated their priojects to Kidlink Association.

E.g. ” DD” (I describe myself, you draw me” has been created by Pia in Milano and then donated to Kidlink Association.
It is important that anyone particpating in DD  recognize that the author of DD is Pia and not pretend it is the creation of someone else.

Kidlink association protects its donors and authors.

if we discover that someone pretends to be the author of a project to e.g. win a competition or price, we inform about it in our network and at teacher conferences where we talk about our projects and their authors.

Student copyright

When young artists or authors contribute creative works to Kidlink, the ownership will remain with the contributor. By submitting the work to Kidlink, the contributor is granting permission for Kidlink to use the work on its web site and in publicity materials.
This includes the right to:
Present the work on our web site or in physical form in shows or publications of work by Kidlink contributors
Allow news media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television) to use the work, or an excerpt of the work, to illustrate stories about Kidlink.
When Kidlink uses creative work by contributors, credit will be given by listing the contributor’s first name /nickname, age, gender and country, with the work, as a mouseover or in other obvious ways, depending on the type of artwork.
Kidlink will not change the works without permission from the contributor except as follows: A visual work may be made larger or smaller for reasons of space. A text, sound, video or multimedia work may be converted to another file format, or further compressed, for reasons of server space. Kidlink may select excerpts of text, sound, video or multimedia works to be used for the purposes in (2) above.

The creative works presented by Kidlink may not be used in ways other than those listed above without permission from the contributor(s) who created them. Kidlink will assist people outside of Kidlink in communicating with the contributors and in negotiating a reasonable fee for the contributors.