Sponsoring Kidlink Association

The Kidlink Project is backed up entirely by volunteers, who want to help youth have a constructive dialog over geograpical and cultural borders. Read more…

The Kidlink Assocation supports the Kidlink Project and its development and is a no profit organization. Noone is paid to do this work and all volunteers get their incomes elsewhere. The server and domains at www.linode.com and www.webmasters.com are paid by people that have become paying members in the Kidlink Association, and by people that simply donate to the Project.

We do not depend on any organization, business or authority. The Kidlink Association is registered at Skattemyndigheten (The Swedish Tax authority) in Göteborg, Sweden and all its documents are available after the Annual Meetings at the Kidlink Association main page.

“Expenses the taxpayer incurs to provide the volunteer time may be deductible.” Americans should read the volunteership info on www.thebalancesmb.com

We mostly appreciate all the support we can get.

Bonnie Thurber
Kidlink Association Chairperson