GRC – Phase 1

PHASE 1 (Sept 4st – Dec 4th, 2023)

Advertising and registration – All July and August, 2023.

Starting date – September 4, 2023.

Class interaction:  Flipgrid / Facebook Project Page / Email

Development of project –  Each class completes the following tasks:

Task 1. Pick their favorite book.
Any book, in any language. However, reports and activities will be done in English only.
Task 2. Create a 5-minute (max) video presentation about their favorite book.
Include as much personal information as desired so others get to know you better. But please, avoid revealing the end of the story. We want to promote reading and curiosity. No spoilers, please.
Task 3. Comment on at least two other classes’ posts.
Communication flow and feedback is part of engagement. Sharing is recommended.
Task 4. Create a video that explains literary preferences in other nations.
Use the information provided to practice language in the classroom. Follow instructions on our Facebook page.
Task 5. Classes participate in a reading conference with a surprise keynote writer.
Stay tuned for schedules and time zones.

Ending date – November 4, 2023.

Diplomas ready by December, 2023.

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