GRC- Phase 2

PHASE 2 (Feb 1st – May 15th, 2023) 

Advertising and registration December (2022) and January (2023)

Starting dateFebruary 1, 2023.

Interaction: Kidspace / Flipgrid / Facebook Project Page / Email

Development of project –  Each class completes the following tasks:

Task 1. Pick their favorite book.
Any book, in any language. However, reports and activities will be done in English only.
Task 2. Create a 5-minute (max) video for the Reading Marathon 2022.
They read passages of books of their liking, and share them with the peer classes via Flipgrid. This activity will pay homage to World Read Aloud Day.
Task 3. Create short stories in electronic format.
Google Docs are suggested. Creative writing workshops will be offered, and recorded for future reference. Students will create their own stories, using their creativity and suggested ideas on such videos/workshops. Deadline for uploading all students stories is  April 28th, 2023. By the end of the project, the project coordinators will make a compilation ebook of students’ creative writings. It will be available for all participants to download.
Task 4. Read-aloud to peer classes around the world.
Students will read their own written productions to the peer classes worlwide. We want to have an impact in the global promotion of reading/storytelling.
Task 5. Read-aloud to acquiantances and/or friends.
Students will read their peers’ written productions to the family members, teachers, principals, etc. We want to have an impact in the local promotion of reading/storytelling.

Ending date – May 15, 2023.

Diplomas ready by June, 2023.

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