Schools Around the World – Phases/Timelines

Description Student activity Phases / timeline Objectives

After you fill out your Application Form, register for Kidlink and check the Guidelines to participate you are ready to start:

Phase 1

  • Go to the Schools Around the World  Home Page
  • Introduce your school/group through creating a School Introduction Page under the Teams 2022 page in Students Activity.
  • The dialogue among teachers will take place in the Schools Around the World project Facebook group 
  • By 25 Feb all School Introductions must be ready and shared in the Students Activity 2022.
  • By 28 Feb the project coordinator matches the schools and  posts the teams in the Students Activity.

Phase 2

  • Say Hello in the project Facebook group.
  • Discuss the questions you would like to ask your teammates on the current topic (not more than 10).The topic is announced in advance by the coordinator. To make our project cognitive and useful the topic is different each session.
  • Students ask 10 questions through creating a video message. 
  • Teachers publish the questions through typing them on their school pages (for better understanding) and  giving the link to the resource the video message is stored in.

Phase 3 (Mar.13 – Mar.25)

  • Students discuss the answers  to the partners’ questions.
  • Students reply to the questions by creating  video messages .
  • Teachers publish the answer videos through creating a new page on the partners’ page.

  •  (When asking and answering questions please use compound sentences, not just direct questions or answers, to be more expressive. More than one student can take part in answering the question).