What’s My Number? – Phases-Timeline

Description Student activity Phases / timeline Objectives

This project is carried out twice, in autumn 2018 and in spring 2019

After registering in Kidlink and check the Guidelines to participate, you are ready to start:

  • Registration: Fall session: Until Oct.1– Spring session: until February 15
  •  Artworks and clues publication:   Until Oct. 30 th // Until March 20
  • Closing the cooperative project: Nov. 15 th// April 15


  • Teachers must to register to Kidlink . This will allow them to receive login and password to post their student’s clues and, if possible,  artworks, and to share comments with their partners.
  • Teachers will introduce their groups/ schools or country by creating an Introduction page under  Students’Activity  page   to promote a better  knowledge among the schools.
  •  Join to our FB group and Say Hello  to other participants. Use it to know more about each other teachers as well as discuss and share ideas about the project.


  • Starting from your school introduction page,  create  one page for each clue of your students. They can work in 2 or more.
  • Post the clue and if possible illustrate it with a drawing.

About  the clues:

  • No numbers. Use descriptions of the number to lead others to determine the number.
  • The clue has to mention something that anyone can guess even if he lives in another country
  • If you can, illustrate your clue with a drawing

Be sure to solve your own challenge before you send it to others!


  • Students can solve the math challenges of other students by clicking on “Add Comments” and posting their solution. We ask all students who solve math challenges to describe for us how they solved them.
  • Write feedback to those who have tried to guess your riddle.

Another example from Slovenia:

  • Take the number of black squares on chessboard,
  • Add the number of the letters in Arabic alphabet,
  • Subtract the number of teeth of a dog,
  • Multiply the number of the planets in our Solar System,
  • Multiply the number of toes on the leg.