Where Do I Live?

This page will be changing and updated by the project manager, Aigul Ishangaliyeva from Kazakhstan. For questions, her email is don_aika@mail.ru .

Description Student Activity Phases/Timeline Objectives

Meet and Greet our Friends in our Global Classroom.

We come from all over the globe!
The idea of the project is making friends with students all around the world. Students collaborate to compose their responses and comments. Join us as we spend some time finding each other on the map and talking about the places where we live, we learn and have fun every day.

The project uses 3 great questions to develop in your students a deeper knowledge of themselves and their goals.
1. Can you find me?
2. What are the living things where I live?
3.  What are the places where I learn?

Students and teachers will use the free online program called Wakelet to share the responses to the project questions. Wakelet Tutorial.

Student Activity
Question 1. Can you find me?

Everyone and every place is important in our global community.

Discussion questions:

  • Introduce your class or group to those who are participating in our program. Introduce your country, city/town or village.
  • Introduce the culture, traditions and customs of your country. What nationalities live in your country?
  • Tell about sightseeing in your country, city/town or village.
  • Who are the famous heroes of your country?

Question 2. What are the living things where I live?
We have found each other on the map and have learned a little about the country, cities/towns or village where our friends live. And now let’s take a look around and see who and what live there! Which animals and plants are there in this country? Ask your online friends about their places. They are probably very interested to learn about your area.

Discussion questions:

  • How many people live in your country? What nationalities are there in your countries?
  • How do people spend their free time in your country? What about teenagers?
  • What animals are there in your country? What about plants? Are there endangered animals? How do you protect such kind of animals?

Question 3. What are the places where I learn?
We all learn different things and not all the same way. Tell us about places where you learn and how you learn. Discuss your life as a life-long learner no matter where it is.

Discussion questions:

  • Tell us about where and how you learn. Describe the place or your school.
  • How do you feel about your school? Do you like it?
  • How many lessons do you have every day? What subjects do you learn? How long is your school year? When does it start and finish?
  • Are there any activities in your school than formal learning? What are they?
  • What is your favourite subject?
  • What do you do in your free time?


Registration Deadline: Nov 10 through Nov 30
Start of the activities: December 1
End of activities:?

To Participate:

  • Teachers register to Kidlink Registration Page.   This link goes to a Moodle page where you will click Create New Account. If you have already registered with Kidlink, you don’t need to do that again.
  • Fill out the Application Google Form (Sign Up Link)
  • Join our discussion page “Where do I Live”  FaceBook group


  • To identify themselves in their own surrounding as well as part of a bigger environment.
  • To collaborate with and learn from other students online
  • To become creative and critical thinkers
  • To develop a sense of inquiry and thirst for knowledge
  • To learn from and celebrate our cultural diversity and learn about common issues

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