Working with Kidlink

Working with the Kidlink Association

Extract from the “Innovative Approaches to the Teaching and Implementing Projects Through Global Interaction and Extensive Use of Communication Tools”, a  paper  written by the KA Board member Lusine Jhangirian.

key concepts

Cooperation, collaboration are key concepts that determine the success of any undertaking including international projects.

Kidlink Association.

An organization which promotes and provides opportunities for global education is the Kidlink Association.

cooperation of teachers

By the cooperation of teachers – volunteers from around the world – the Kidlink Association helps schools from different countries interact with each other and thereby creating a global classroom.

model of network cooperation

Kidlink uses the following model of network cooperation to provide for coherent work within the association aimed at the successful implementation of global project based learning:

  • chairperson of the association
  • co-chairperson
  • board members
  • project managers/coordinators
  • participating teachers

Each individual role in this chain performs their duties on a volunteer basis. We do not receive any monetary rewards or material benefits for our work, but we all carry it out based on our personal convictions and passion for learning. Any and all voluntary donations are applied to funding payments to software specialists, and the security of the site.

The manager/coordinator of the Kidlink Global Project

He/She is ready to:

  •  extend the circle of educators and educational institutions interested in joining the activities by presenting my pedagogical knowledge and experience in this field at municipal, regional, federal and international levels;
  • create and provide a knowledge base which is necessary for teachers to organize their educational process, including: the project description, as well as rules, duties and rights of the project participants on the Kidlink portal;
  • To search for relevant and interesting topics for communication within the project framework;
  • To support and provide teachers with additional information and assistance that is published on the Kidlink website, as well as communication on the “Kidlink Schools Around the World” Facebook social network group.

The project manager/coordinator specific duties and responsibilities

  • The project coordinator is always available, and responds to teachers’ e-mails and questions on the social network, maintaining clarity in his instructions and patience with respect to volunteer teachers who are representatives of different cultures and religions.
  • The project coordinator checks all pages and publications that teachers publish on the Kidlink website and in the Facebook project group.
  • The project coordinator monitors the compliance with the deadlines and rules of the project.
  • The project coordinator maintains the communication of teachers on the website and facilitates a dialogue among them.
  • The project coordinator asks questions providing a feedback, offers useful socio-pedagogical resources.
  • The project coordinator designs the pages of the project including art works of schoolchildren.
    To ensure a successful project, it is necessary to follow several rules:
  • To comply with deadlines, instructions, phases.
  • To provide meaningful feedback, all of which should be well explained before the project is launched.
  • Provide ongoing communication with all participants, paying attention to their requests and questions, doing regular mail checks, including group chats, private chats, messages, letters and all comments that participants make on the Kidlink site.