Anne-Tove Vestfossen

The Kidlink Wall of Fame


Anne-Tove Vestfossen

Arendal – Norway

Anne-Tove “provoked” her husband Odd to start activities leading to the birth of Kidlink (1989-90). Ever since the very beginning, she has been a very important part of  Kidlink.

  • Web Design Advice (since November 2000)
  • Member of the Response team (since June 2000)
  • Manager of KidArt Multi (since 2001)
  • Organized the first f-t-f Kidlink management meeting (1995)
  • Organized Annual Celebrations in Arendal (1991, 1992)
  • Curator of Kidlink’s offline art activities (1991-1992)
  • Organized the “Creative Challenge” art project (1991)
  • Creator of the Kidlink logo (March 1, 1991)
  • Organizer of several offline Kidlink art exhibitions (1990 through 2001)
  • In Kidlink Institute/Education since 1998.

Thank very much!

Odd de Presno
Kidlink Society Executive Director

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman