WoF-Mary Esborn

The Kidlink Wall of Fame

Mary Esborn 

Connecticut – USA

Mary Esborn joined Kidlink in 1993, One of the highlights of her life was going to Saltrod, Norway for the first Kidlink conference and meeting Odd, Lara, Marisa, Dan, Claus, Lars-Erik, Tor Arne, Hannah, and others.
Mark Hunnibel was a parent volunteer in my computer lab and he introduced me to Kidlink. He used to have a KidCafe Club in my lab after school. He also did presentations to every class using his laptop and connecting to the American Airlines network and showed kids the computer output when a plane was landing.”

Mary’s contributions are numerous, and include:
  • English Language Coordinator/Northern Hemisphere of the Who-Am-I? program (2001-).
  • English Language Moderator/Northern Hemisphere of the Virtual Vacation module in  Kidlink’s Who-Am-I?  (2000).
  • Co-moderator with David McArdle of  Kidlink’s Traveling the World, a Virtual Vacation (1997).
  • Co-moderator with Alinka Makuc of  Kidlink’s Traveling the World, a Virtual Vacation (1995).
  • Moderator of Kidlink’s first Traveling the World, a Virtual Vacation (1993).
  • Deputy board member in 2018/19

Thank you very much!

Odd de Presno
Kidlink Society Executive Director

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman