WoF – Roopal Mehta

The Kidlink Wall of Fame
Roopal Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Roopal Mehta joined Kidlink in January 2001. Her contributions include:
  • Developed Kidlink’s main software for receipt of artworks from participating kids. (2003)
  • Member of Kidlink’s Board of Directors representing Asia (2003-2007)
  • Continuously spreading the word about Kidlink in India
  • Member of the KidArt management team as Native Art coordinator (2002- 2007)
  • Helped create a KidArt Exhibition with works from the Ninad Art Class in Gujarat (India), and the “Who-Am-I?” participants in the Visamo Relief Camp. (2001)
  • Worked with suddenly orphaned children at the Visamo Relief Camp soon after the 2001 earthquake hit India.
  • Translated key Kidlink information into Gujarati, which is her language. (2001). Supports translating into other Indian languages where special characters are used.
  • In Kidlink Institute/Education since 2003.

Thank very much!

Odd de Presno
Kidlink Society Executive Director

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman