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This is the main teacher information page to learn more about Kidlink. Click on the links in the list to jump down.Thank you for being with us. Best wishes to you all from The Kidlink Association Board.

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Please Read: Why Kidlink Projects  | How Kidlink works  |  Working in Kidlink Projects


About Kidlink Projects
In the menu, click on  Project Center,  Select a project, Go to the project page you have chosen to participate in, and follow the instructions to register for it.
To participate in projects you need to have a Kidlink account; use this link to sign up for a new Kidlink account.   (free of charge)


Kidlink History History of  Global Dialogue

Enjoy our history pages at to see how our first schools collaborated with fax, ICT, chat, email, etc.


Kidlink Project Archive – Projects we have run since 1990

As you can see in our history pages at , Kidlink started back in 1990, when no one knew about the Internet when Facebook’s Zuckerberg was six years old, and long before Altavista and Google became our main search engine.
Look in our huge project archive and you may find interesting project ideas you maybe would like to run as a project manager!


Suggest a Project to Us! 
Would you like to coordinate a project, a new project or one from our archive
Write to  kidlinkproject/at\ and tell us which project you would like to run.


The Kidlink Association Network

  • Facebook – Our official page in Facebook for the latest news.
  •   Moodle is our newest Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Facebook groups: Kidlink Sri Lanka       Kidlink India     
  • Instagram – Our Instagram site
  • Kidspace – a CMS (content management system) for our students where you find works and dialogues. Built by skilled programmers and Kidlink volunteers like  Bonnie Thurber, Bob Davis and Patricia Weeg
  • Twitter – Our official page in Twitter. You can find the latest news in our Twitter.
  • Information about the Kidlink Association and our projects
  • Our main portal for many years linking to many activities and information pages.
  • Youtube channel


Kidlink Needs Volunteers!
We are a no-profit organization as you can read in our KA page.
Join as a Project Leader, Technical Helper or Board Member

Email us:

Note: Incoming email is spam-checked. If it is your first email to Kidlink, you will get a Message Not Delivered. Click Learn More in the email response and your email will proceed to us.


About the header sailing photo

The photo that appears in the Header was taken years ago in Sweden during a sailing excursion with students at Lövgärdesskolan in Göteborg. It is a project they have every August with the ninth grade students. During three days they learn to sail. The photo is a metaphor for the journey our Kidlink project students travel together.