Welcome to Kidlink Projects

This is the home page and starting point for learning about the opportunities for students and teachers around the world interacting with Kidlink Projects. Our statement of purpose is:

The purpose of the Kidlink Association is to promote a global dialogue among the youth of the world. The Association emphasizes internet communications, but also supports communications in other forms and media. The Association works to achieve its objectives through many educational projects belonging to the “The Kidlink Project”. The projects are created and developed through an international collaboration of volunteers and are offered to schools, organizations and youth around the world for free.

Check out the links in the top bar and discover scheduled projects waiting for you to join, projects that you might like to manage yourself, information on how to participate, information on how our organization functions as a nonprofit, and details on our previous members and history connecting with schools around the world.

Kidlink Netiquette – This link explains the courteous expectations of participation by all users of Kidlink online spaces and projects.