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(Example Clue Sets from 2021)

Landmark Challenge Group 2022 – Ended March 7 

During the 3-week project, each team sent only 1 question to the other teams each week. The question was one that could be answered with a Yes or No. Below are the Clues, Landmarks revealed, and the number correct.

High Score 7 CorrectMuhlenberg Jr. High (The Supernovas) Reading, PA


(1) AIA-GESS (Team LEOU) Tbilisi, Georgia,
–5 correct —
Landmark Answer:(Stairway of Understanding); Barcelona, SPAIN

1. Pilgrimage destination
2. 13th century
3. Important for Locals
4. Approximately 9 meters
5. Northern hemisphere
6. Like a fan
7. Latitude 41.5 degrees
8. Ramon Llull
9. Numerous Exhibition
(2) Andrew Lewis MS (Shorties Rule) Salem, VA
— 5 correct —
Landmark Answer: The Blue Mosque

1.It has stained glass windows.
2. It was built in the same decade as the first telescope.
3. It draws millions of people per year.
4. It used more than 100 workers.
5. It is a religious location.
6. The interior was made in the same country.
7. It is a large tourist attraction.
8. It is closed five times a day.9. The architecture styles were a blend.
(3) Andrew Lewis MS (Hop Scotch Mafia) Salem, VA
— 5 correct —
Landmark Answer: Fairy Chimneys in Turkey

1. It is long-in-the-tooth.
2. It is in the area of a previous lava boom.
3. It is 30,480 millimeters deep.
4. It is taller than the World’s Littlest Skyscraper.
5. It is in the Northern Hemisphere.
6. It evokes the supernatural.
7. Out of the many places in the world it’s believed to have been visited by aliens.
8. It changes color with the sunset.
9. Tinkerbell
(4) Andrew Lewis MS (Man this homemade food is good (MTHFIG) Salem, VA
— 2 correct —
Landmark Answer: Grave of the Ouiji Board Inventor – Baltimore, MD, USA

1. It is a dark place.
2. It was invented in a boot.
3. Living like a “shaped” dream.
4. 9 to 3:45. Guess why?
5. One of the world’s best swimmers is from here.
6. You might make new friends.
7. It was the first one ever made.
8. It was made the same year as the jukebox.
9. If nothing happens, you’ll get bored.
(5) Andrew Lewis MS (AstroWorld) Salem, VA
— 1 correct —
Landmark Answer: Longaberger Basket in Ohio, USA

1. The Green Bay Packers won the 31st Super Bowl in the same year it was built.
2. The biggest object of its kind in the world.
3. It weighs about the same as a blue whale.
4. It is 98 square feet for the height of the halls.
5. It is a place where people meet.
6. People can spend their nights here.
7. It cost more than $20 million dollars.
8. It represents the company’s best selling product.
9. It is more than 5 stories.
(6) Andrew Lewis MS (DMIII) Salem, VA
— 2 correct —
Landmark Answer: Mannequin Pis in Belgium

1. It’s older than the United States.
2. The structure is protected by railings.
3. It survived both world wars.
4. It’s small.
5. It survived more than one bombing.
6. It has been broken into 11 pieces.
7. It gets dressed up sometimes.
8. It has more than 1,000 outfits.
9. It is made completely of bronze.
(7) Gymnasium Lider (LIDERS) Krasnodar Russia.
— No answers submitted —
Landmark Answer: Stones Labyrinth on Zaitskiy Island

1. It is in Northern hemisphere
2. You can get there only by boat
3. Coordinate: latitude 64.971517
4. It is called as a ‘purle in the White Sea’
5. There are a lot of legends about this landmark
6. It takes from 5 to 30 minutes to get around
7. It was found/built in the 1st century BC
8. The Monks called this place Babylon
9. It is a group of labyrinth – about 13-14 objects
(8)Muhlenberg Jr. High (The Supernovas) Reading,PA
— 7 correct —
Landmark Answer: The Hungry Tree

1. I am located near royalty
2. I am located in the northern hemisphere
3. I am closed on Sundays
4. Located in a place known for being green
5. I tend to be very hungry
6. I am alive
7. I am located on a plane
8. I am at least 80 years old
9. Inosculation
(9) Phoenix School (Cobra Creators) Salem, MA
— 4 correct —
Landmark Answer: Mansu Hill Grand Monument

1. Often visited by couples for wedding photo backdrop.
2. This Landmark has a view of a type of volcano behind it.
3. It is not one landmark, but it is a whole site.
4. Landmark is located in the capital of a country.
5. Closed to tourists on the main topics’ creation date.
6. About 450 people are around the landmark at all times.
7. It’s one of the most sacred monuments of famous historical leaders.
8. Landmark’s material is an alloy, made of two elements on the Periodic Table, one element symbol starts with “C”, and the other starts with “S”.
9. It’s about the height of a Cricket pitch standing up.
(10) Reading HS (Reading Knight Voyagers) Reading, Pennsylvania
— 4 correct —
Landmark Answer: Gavle Goat in Gavle, Sweden

1. Damaged 35 times
2. 4000 miles from Reading, PAOK
3. North Hemisphere
4. It is a pagan tradition
5. Design was first drawn on a napkin
6. Almost kidnapped via helicopter
7. 1536 km from Kyiv
8. Create in 1966
9. Guinness Book of World Records
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