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All Challenge Group weekly clues will be posted here. At the end of the project, I will post a link to answer sheets for each group.

Week 3  Challenge – 2020 –> Download the Challenge Answer Sheet 2020
Email the Answer sheet to no later than March 13, 2020.

NOTE: Teams may only ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or a No. One question per team, per week.

(1) Andrew Lewis MS (Yo soy de Salem) Salem,VA
1.It is over 300 meters above sea level.
2.It has plants and animals nearby.
3.It is on protected land.
4.It is really old.
5.Some people climb it.
6.Many people go to it.
7.Some of it is below the surface.
8.It is taller than the Eiffel Tower.
9.It is holy ground.

(2) Andrew Lewis MS (Period 0) Salem,VA
1.Its temperature goes below -20C.
2.The temperatures vary more than 50F over the year.
3.It is made of an ionic compound.
4.It is less than 15,000 square kilometers.
5.It is over 3000 meters above sea level.
6.It is a dry lake.
7.It is used by NASA.
8.It is an outstretched piece of land.
9.It is a natural mirror.
(3) Andrew Lewis MS (205) Salem,VA
1.It has been busy since the 20th century.
2.More than a 1000 people were here.
3.It is abandoned.
4.Brrr. It is cold.
5.Softball was played.
6.It cost a lot of money to keep operating.
7.It is a popular tourist destination.
8.It is over 15 acres.
9.Boo – scary.

(4) Andrew Lewis MS (Penguins) Salem,VA
1.It was named by the Romans.
2.The highest point is around 5,000ft.
3.It is almost rectangular.
4.It is around 2,300 square miles.
5.It takes over 9 hours to get there from Salem, VA, USA.
6.In the 20th century, half of the plants were damaged.
7.There is a lake here over a mile long.
8.They specialized in time telling.
9.It was once covered by glaciers.

(5)Andrew Lewis MS (Reverse Oreos) Salem,VA
1.It was found in the 1900s.
2.It is under 8 acres.
3.It is the largest find of its kind.
4.It had the purpose of protecting someone important.
5.It was discovered by casual farmers.
6.It’s surrounded by hills.
7.Millions of people visited the place.
8.It took a large amount of workers to complete it.
9.The color wore away over time.

(6)Gymnázium dr.A. Hrdličky (Team 1A)Humpolec,CzechRepublic
1.It looks like grass covered eggshells
2.It’s located in the Northern hemisphere
3.Its height varies from 30 to 120 m
4.Its name suggest a very yummy treat
5.It’s proposed to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List
6.It’s made from limestone
7.It’s on an island
8.In period of dryness it is colored in brown
9.It’s the 3rd National geologic monument of Philippines

(7)Gymnázium dr.A. Hrdličky (Team Tercie)Humpolec, CzechRepublic
1.I am manmade.
2.I am the oldest of my kind.
3.I can be found in the country which changed its name in 1989.
4.I am surrounded by the fishermen and tourists in small wooden boats.
5.Sunsets and sunrises are just the best experience.
6.I can keep something inside me which comes from the king´s palace (1089).
7.A part of me has been substituted by concrete however it doesn´t limit my beauty.
8.I am named after the person who participated in my birth at least 170 years ago.
9.I don´t like cars, but I like quiet and humble people in brick-red clothes.

(8)Gymnázium dr.A. Hrdličky (Team Kvarta)Humpolec, CzechRepublic
1. In my country you can smell nutmegs.
2. I am not the only onein the world.
3. Everytime you can see me, I am a little bit different.
4. You can find me in the west, because in the east I can suffer from hurricanes.
5. To see me, you have to overcome 25 m of water.
6. I am occompanied by school of colourful fish.
7. 40 “brave” Indians didn´t want to wait till 1974 to see theirfreedom.
8. Names Ivan, George and Yason are connected with me or with my country.
9. My destiny is the recovery of sealife. In a group of 65 members we have been working on it for 14 years.

(9)Muhlenberg HS (Religious Poultry) Reading,PA
1. Filled with images of oceans and sea life.
2. Construction began the year Lincoln was set in stone.
3. Brings flocks of tourists everyday.
4. Remains a landmark and hub of community life.
5. The central feature, a lit up cross, soars above the rest of the building.
6. Located in an area with a humid subtropical climate.
7. Modeled in the style that is also a language 13.4% of Americans speak.
8. The buildings resemblance of an animal causes tourists to fly in from all around the world
9. Residents of the town feel they are watched by this animal in all directions.

(10) Phoenix School (Operation Firebird) Salem,MA
[Out of schol Feb 17-21].
1.My very being was marred by the supporters of fledgling violence.
2.At my brightest, I am 237 19 36.
3.My middle contains cyanogenic glycosides and a little bit of a liquid used to kill pests.
4.Protected by a durable, chemical, and abrasion resistant coloring that produces a clear, high gloss surface.
5. I am similar in form to a fantastical proposal to replace Lake Michigan’s Navy Pier that was first planned in 1967.
6.A work by the creator stands tall in the city of great inferno, forever a sign that locals are back at home base.
7.I am the first of more than 40 neighbors and have been serving local pride since 1988.
8.I live in a pond in the shape of a Tilia seed.
9.Although the warmest temperatures in my location were recorded to be 108 F, my hues being a mixture of black and white are supposed to represent a winter sport.

(11) Schuylkill Valley MS (SV Panthers) Leesport,PA
[Out of school Feb 10-13 Will reply as soon as they return!!]
1.This landmark looks natural.
2.There is a McDonald’s fast food restaurant nearby.
3.It is over 100 meters tall.
4.There is a lot of glass.
5.You can get there by train if you are in the surrounding area.
6.Life and death is represented.
7.It is in Europe.
8.This landmark will be amazing in the future.
9.Some contemporary architecture

(12)School No46 (Sibiryata)Krasnoyarsk,Russia
1. This place is located in Asia.
2. The time zone of this place is from UTC +7
3. The steppe prevails in this place
4. Various ores were mined there until 1954
5. Extreme sports are practiced there.
6. The diameter of this place is 200 meters
7. In 1996, a plot for the TV program Travelers Club was filmed about this place
8. There is a lake with emerald water at the bottom of this place
9. There was a time when this place was called The Cooper mount

(13)West Lee Middle School (Lions)Sanford,NC
[Out of school Feb17; Mar 12-13]
1. In the northern hemisphere
2. On the east coast
3. 0.12km squares
4. In Washington, no George
5. Tragedy struck in 1842
6. I have a lighthouse
7. Moose head
8. I can be erased
9. Barney’s descendants are near

(14)Wyomissing Jr/Sr HS (Super Toxic Dinosaurs) Wyomissing,PA
2. Animated Tim Allen says this with gusto
3. I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore
4. “Home of the Brave” is jealous
5. Ra endorses this landmark
6. A symptom of the ailment that killed Martin Van Buren
7. Even the blind can experience it
8. You could practice your sport here, then head to Germany for the international championships
9. Inspiration was born the same year MJ “Thrilled” the world.
End of Challenge clues week 3


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