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(Example Clue Sets from 2021)

Landmark Primary Group 2022 – ended March 7

During the 3-week project, each team sent only 1 question to the other teams each week. The question was one that could be answered with a Yes or No. Below are the Clues, Landmarks revealed, and the number correct.

High Score 11 Correct – Two teams!
(4) Gymnasium Lider (Young Travellers) Krasnodar Russia
(13) St. John’s Lutheran School (Team Atlas) Hannibal, MO


(1) Abanschool 3 (Team Kazakova) Aban, Russia
— 9 correct —
Landmark Answer: Memorial complex, Mamayev Kurgan,  Volgograd

1. Tatar burial mound
2. Metal, metal
3. Black snow, no grass
4.The leader lies at it
5. 40- 50 N
6. The bloodiest battle
7. World War II
8. Was the largest when it was built
9. The woman on the top

(2) Antona Ingoliča Spodnja Polskava (Pohorci) Polskava, SLOVENIA,
–No Answers submitted —
Landmark Answer: Pot med krošnjami Pohorje (Treetop Walk Pohorje)

2.27 poles all together
3. open 363 days a year
4. 1043 metres long
5. around 50° latitude
6. a slide from the top
7. north
8. educational and didactic elements
9. treetop

(3) C.E.Cole Intermediate School (Battle Cats) Laureldale, PA
–9 Correct —
Landmark Answer: Daniel Boone Homestead in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

1.It is in the same hemisphere as The White House.
2. It is a museum.
3. The museum takes up almost 600 acres of land
4. This place was created the same year that Crispus Attucks turned 7 years old.
5. Visitors can view a collection of restored antique furniture here.
6. It is located between 60 and 20 degrees North longitude.
7. A famous American person was born here in 1734.
8. The famous American was a frontiersman who blazed a 300 mile trail through the wilderness
9. The postal zip code of the museum is 19508.

(4) Gymnasium Lider (Young Travellers) Krasnodar Russia
–11 correct–
Landmark Answer: Monument to Ivan Krylov in the Summer Garden, St. Petersburg

1. Relaxed.
2. In a fresh humid air.
3. XIX century.
4. This landmark is the first of the most important in culture.
5. Aesop.
6. It’s a trap.
7. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
8. This landmark is between 20 and 60 degrees east longitude.
9. People, animals, granite, bronze …
(5) Innovations STEM Academy (Orange Dust) Sparta, WI
–4 correct —
Landmark Answer: Sunny the Giant Sunfish in Onalaska, Wisconsin

1. I am in the northern hemisphere
2. Each summer, my city hosts a festival in my honor
3. I am not living
4. Looking at a colorful celestial object
5. I have a bright red belly
6. I am 25 times larger than in real life.
7. I am named in honor of the mayor of my city
8. I am located between Zr and Rh in latitude
9. I was unveiled in 1998
(6) Lafayette Regional School (Team Lafayette) Franconia,NH
— No answers submitted —
Landmark Answer: the Louvre

1. Hearts identify my stone builders
2. I am filled with loot.
3. I am open at 9:00
4. Part of me is 9000 years old
5. I have changed my name multiple times
6. About 700,000 square feet of space
7. Part of me comes from each hemisphere.
8. In the 1940’s I was almost emptied out.
9. I am near the latitude that marks the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole.
(7)Lukoyanovskaya Secondary#2 (Smart Girls) Lukoyanov Nizhegorodsky,Russia
–5 correct —
Landmark Answer: Kungur Ice Cave

1. Northern hemisphere.
2. Spectacular views.
3. Beautiful lakes.
4. This landmark is better to see from February to April.
5. It was born when there was a global disaster.
6. The beginning of exploration is in the year of founding the second largest city.
7. The largest number of visitors is in the year of Games of the 22 Olympiad.
8. Place for resting and healing.
9. This landmark is between 55 and 60 degrees east longitude.

(8) Lyceum 1 (Team Forward) Kansk, Krasnoyarskiy kray,Russia.
–5 correct —
Landmark Answer: Burj Khalifa, Dubai

1. Since 2010
2. Stalagmite
3. Samsung.
4. 1—2 a week
5. Artificial Lake.
6. 17 football fields
7. Reinforced concrete, steel, and aluminum
8. You can find this landmark between 55 – -56 Eastern Longitude.
9. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
(9) Molochanskaya Pivotal School, (BARVINCHATATA) Ukraine [This team was in the midst of Russia’s war on Ukraine.]
–No answers submitted —
Landmark Answer: National Reserve “Khortytsya”

1. It has a length 12.5 km, average width 2.5 km and area of approximately 3,000 ha.
2. Located near Zaporozhye.
3. An important object of tourism.
4. Unique natural and historical complex.
5. Museum Island.
6. Zaporozhye Cossacks.
7. One of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
8. Historical and cultural complex “Zaporizhzhya Sich”.
9. The largest island on the Dnieper.

(10)Naches Valley Elementary (The Archeologists) Naches,WA
— 9 correct —
Landmark Answer: Golden Bridge in Vietnam

1. I am less than 20 miles west of one of the largest cities in my country.
2. I am over 100-meters long
3. I am in the eastern hemisphere.
4. Construction and completion of this landmark took place in the 21st century.
5. I am manmade.
6. Many people also come to see “the lady”.
7. I am approximately 100 degrees longitude.
8. I am fiberglass and steel although I look like stone.
9. I am in a country that had a conflict with the United States.
(11) Phoenix School (Egyptian Fluffy Camels) Salem, MA
— 5 correct —
Landmark Answer: Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

1. Our landmark’s longitude is 12.34 East.
2. Our landmark is in the Northern hemisphere.
3. Our landmark was constructed between 1537 and 1588.
4. Our landmark is in an Italian city.
5. Our landmark is near the Adriatic Sea.
6. Our landmark has a lot of statues on top.
7. Our landmark is near the Grand Canal.
8. Our landmark is Italian.
9. Our landmark is in St. Mark’s Square.

(12) St. John’s Lutheran School, (Geography Goats) Hannibal, MO
— 9 correct —
Landmark Answer: Cadillac Ranch

1. Free
2. moved from its original location
3. ordered by age
4. between 20 and 70 degrees latitude
5. open 24 hours
6. you can make your mark here
7. Not in the eastern hemisphere
8. appeared in a popular Disney movie
9. built in the 20th century
(13) St. John’s Lutheran School (Team Atlas) Hannibal, MO
— 11 Correct —
Landmark Answer: Molly Brown Birthplace Museum

1. Big boat
2. located on a hill
3. open only in the summer
4. between 30 and 80 degrees latitude
5. socialite/philanthropist
6. not wheelchair accessible
7. not in the southern hemisphere
8. Irish-Catholic family
9. built in the 19th century


(14) Taipei Wanfu Elementary (Taipei Wanfu Bravo) Taipei, Taiwan
–No answers submitted —
Landmark Answer: Fort San Domingo, Tamsui

1. This landmark has two-story, cube-shaped building.
2. The landmark is measured 15 meters on all four sides and standing 13 meters tall.
3. This landmark is located off the coast of an island.
4. This landmark was first built in 1628.
5. The Spanish , Dutch and the British traders had built it there .
6. The site of the place became a historical Museum in 2005.
7. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
8. You can find this landmark between 25 degrees N and 121 degrees E
9. It was nicknamed ‘City of the red-haired people.’
End of Landmark 2022 Primary Scores


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