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All weekly Clues for the Primary Group will appear here in the 2020 Games. At the end of the project, I will post a link to answer sheets for all groups.

NOTE: Teams may only ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or a No.
One question per team, per week is allowed.

Week 3  Primary Group – 2020 –> Download the Primary Answer Sheet 2020

Email the Answer sheet to no later than March 13, 2020.

Please Note that we added Project Favela from Brazil to tthe Primary Group – # 21 below.

(1) Aban School 3 (Team Kazakova) Krasnoyark Territory, Russia
1. the greatest tragedy in history
2. eternal flame
3. residents and defenders are together
4. This is the world’s largest one created during wartime
5. there is a 6 meter high bronze monument
6. 900 Days and Nights
7. cold and starvation
8. “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.”
9. a place for mass graves
(2) Antona Ingoliča Spodnja Polskava (Fast & Firious) Polskava, SLOVENIA,
[Out of school Feb 22-March 1]
1.People usually spend 1.5 hour here.
2.More than 800 years old.
3.You can have weddings here.
4.It’s 531 metres above sea level.
5.Around 50° latitude.
6.The famous owner was killed in 1484.
7.Jackie Chen filmed here.
9.It was in 2015 Guinness book of records.

(3) CBTis No.66 (CBTis 66 – 4E) Tierra Blanca, Mexico,
[Out of school March 16]
1.This landmark is in the same hemisphere as Andorra.
2.This landmark takes its name from the Mexican city where it is located.
3. 96°38’06.5″W
4.Octobers, on a Monday.
5.Animal shapes
6.More than 2,000 years old
7.32 people holding hands

(4) Eugene Field Elem (Team Huseman) Hannibal,MO
3.Symbolic name
4.Between 30 and 50 degrees Latitude
5.Wanted two, but only enough money for one.
6.Broke ground 1968.
7.Not in the Southern Hemisphere.
8.35,000 to begin.
9.A tunnel connects it.

(5) Gymnázium dr. A. Hrdličky (Team Sekunda) Humpolec, Czech Republic
1.A long time ago, the place was inundated by water.
2.Now, it’s a part of a desert.
3.It looks like you are on Mars there.
4.It’s located on the Southern hemisphere.
5.Looks like teeth.
6.It was made from seashells.
7.It ranges from a few centimetres to 4 metres.
8.Located in the West of the smallest continent in the world.
9. Part of the Nambung National Park in WA.


(6) Innovations STEM Academy (STEM & M’s) Sparta,WI
1.You will ride Bus 121 to find me
2.I lost over a ton when I was bathed
3.I love being in the backgrounds of pictures
4.I am stuck between a ghost and a creepy place
5.I am composed of a variety of colors.
6.I can see a neon bird where I am
7.I am in the hemisphere that shares the name of the first Batman
8.For my latitude, I am the same atomic number as one of the most thermal conductive metals and I appear in the title of a popular shark attack movie.
9. I was made in the same year someone named Bill became a U.S leader

(7) J.F.Tatem (Brilliant Busheys) Haddonfield,NJ
[Out of school Feb 17-18]
1.It’s in the same hemisphere as an active volcano that last erupted between 2015 and 2020.
2.To visit our landmark it cost over $200
3.This landmark is related to Nick jr
4.You have to take at least 2 forms of transportation to get to this landmark
5.The population of people near our landmark in 2010 was 7,314.
6.There was a book written about our landmark
7.Our landmark is one of seven hundred
8.This landmark is along the same latitude as Mt. Kilauea
9.This landmark is full of lively sea animals and mammals

(8) Lafayette Regional School(Team Lafayette) Franconia,NH
[Out of school Feb 24-28]
1. I was discovered the same year that a US president was assassinated.
2. I was a hideout in wars
3. Only eight of my floors are in use.
4. My doors weigh about 1,100 lbs.
5. I can hold up to 200,000 living things
6. You can worship in me.
7. I am not meant to be discovered.
8. I am between 30 – 40 degrees from the equator
9. I am in the same hemisphere as the “Land Down Under”

(9) Lyceum 1 (Team Forward) Kansk, Russia
1. 1st Century B.C.
2. Monkeys.
3. Shades of red, yellow and white.
4. 1,500 paintings
5. 16 standing and 40 seated.
6. Swallows.
7. 5 and 153.
8. You can find this landmark between 80- -85 Eastern Longitude.
9. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere

(10) Lyceum 28 (Rainbows) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1.This landmark appeared in 1989.
2.It weight 60 tons.
3.It is about 30 feet tall.
4.It is free to visit though a $5 donation for adults is encouraged.
5.Different areas of the Landmark have different colour themes.
6.The resonant tones of wind chimes greet you as you walk in.
7.The Landmark is not in the southern hemisphere.
8.The Longitude is -97.7715742.
9.There is a “zen garden of TVs”.

(11) Muhlenberg MS (Broccoli Cats)Laureldale,PA
1. West of the Prime Meridian
2. Gold, Jade, Wood
3. 6000 cm in diameter
4. water god
5. limestone
6. sacrifice
7. religious significance
8. bones of children
9. 7 on 7.7.07

(12)CE Cole School (We are Groot) Laureldale,PA
1. A small country with the national flower of cherry blossoms will lead the way, it’s (90×70) – ([17×100]+60) away
2. The country this landmark is located in is known for harvesting sugar cane, and is nicknamed ‘Sugar City’
3. One of two in its country, the most popular time to visit this landmark is on Sunday at 14:00
4. Founded 42 Years After The First Organ Transplant
5. A place within reach from this landmark is 1195 meters high.
6. Their past tribes were remembered for combat and cannibalism
7. This place means ‘’Village of the Devil’’
8. The remains of a fortified village can be found here
9. Waterfalls, walking trails, and mountains – Inside plastic

(13) Naches Valley Elementary (Ranger Pride) Naches, WA
[Out of school Feb 14-18]
1.I am in a region that grows cherries and apples.
2.I’m connected to a form of mass transportation invented before automobiles.
3.I am located in a region that has 4 mountain ranges within a few hours drive.
4.I had a facelift a little over 10 years ago
5.I am located in the Northern Hemisphere
6.My town’s name has changed spelling in its lifetime.
7.“Sagebrush Annie” visited me frequently.
8.I was born in the first decade of the Twentieth Century.
9.I am located approximately at the 50 degree latitude line.

(14) School7 (Gazpclassgbk) Gubkinsky,Russia
1. There are a lot of windows in this place.
2. Almost all the animals of the world have been here at least once.
3. One famous rule would say: “24-19-19 17-25-7-12 6-16-19-8 1-5-23 23-20-13-16-16-9-8 12-9-22-9”
4. A lot of water used to be here.
5. It had been built for 23 years.
6. 96.3457697 and 67.9477854
7. Broadway beta.
8. Ray Charles 2002.
9. Northern hemisphere.

(15) School7 (6ABV) Gubkinsky, Russia
1. It is the clearest creation.
2. It is one of oldest in the world.
3. It is a place where Asia is literally splitting apart.
4. 60 degrees N., Northern hemisphere.
5. It is found in nature.
6. RGB #000FF
7. 300 come in, only one go out
8. 25 million years old
9. The Milky Way in 2015.

(16) School7 (10B) Gubkinsky, Russia
1. Thickness is 6,5 meters.
2. There is a lost library.
3. Exotic fruits grow here.
4. It stands on a mountain.
5. It is valued at 50 billion dollars.
6. 40 degree E.
7. Northern hemisphere.
8. The underground passages were found here in 1894
9. Hanging gardens were built here in the 17 century.

(17) Silas Willard Elem. (Chicken Nuggets)Galesburg,IL
[Out of school Feb 17, Mar 12-13]
1. It was built during the Dust Bowl.
2. It is located in the same hemisphere as Iceland.
3. 75 hectares
4. Between 40 and 50 degrees north.
5. The world’s fastest runners ran 20 km here in the 1970s.
6. There are living things made of living things.
7. More than 22,000 species are there.
8. Knowing French will help you in its location.
9. First Nations in 2001

(18) Streletskaya/Zavidovskaya (Cool Friends)Belgorod Region,Russia
1.This architectural ensemble is located among the northern landscapes of one of the seas since the 15th century. This is one of the most interesting objects on our planet. Its uniqueness is evident on many sides, such as cultural, historical, architectural and geographical. The foundation of the landmark is attributed to 1420-1430.
2. In the XVI-XVII centuries it was a real fortress, impenetrable and fortified. The weight of some boulders, of which the walls are laid, exceeds 8 tons.
3. A fortress, a prison, a historical and natural museum-reserve.
4. A botanical garden where fruits of southern countries were grown (peaches, melons, cucumbers, watermelons and even pineapples!)
5. Since 1992 it has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
6. Northern Hemisphere.
7. There is a large Negotiating Stone here – a slab lying on the sea shore nearby, but it is impossible to read its inscription now.
8. It is a spiritual place.
9. Today this landmark is a famous tourist attraction.

(19)St.Catherine’s School (Earthy Crickets) Richmond,VA
[Out of school March 7-17]
1. This landmark was founded by a woman passionate about food, farming, conservation, and research.
2. This landmark is located in the Northern Hemisphere.
3. This landmark puts its scientific research into practice.
4. This landmark has a working farm, museum, zoo, and cafe on its premises.
5. This landmark opened in 2015.
6. This landmark is located in its nation’s smallest city.
7. This landmark might change your ideas surrounding entomophagy.
8. This landmark is home to its nation’s first full-time edible insect cafe.
9 This landmark’s latitude is 51.8889 °N.

(20)Yangon International School (Shwe)Yangon,Myanmar
[Feb 17-21]
1. About 70 degrees West
2. It’s free to go to that place to view.
3. Don’t climb on it.
4. It was made between 1990-2000
5. in a dry, arid place
6. The Height is 36 feet(11meter)
7.This hemisphere has more water mass and fewer land mass than the other hemispheres!
8. Standing at a height as tall as an average telephone pole and twice as a giraffe
9. represents the helplessness of humans
(21) Project Favela (Guerreiros de Tabajaras) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1. The City of Flowers.
2. This city has a population of 2.4 million people.
3. Famous for growing Coffee.
4. Most Progressive City in Columbia.
5. This South American City has Summer with the northern hemisphere.
6. This city lies on the Porce River
7. Pablo Escobar died here in December 2 1993
8. J Balvin was born here
9. 6.2486° N, 75.5742° W

End of week 3 Primary clues



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