Joining the Project & Timeline
Send all information to Terry Smith –  smithterryk@gmail.com

Sign Up in 3 Steps (Deadline Feb 5, 2022)
Clues Released and Games Begin on Feb 7!

Fill out the Google Form below to join. You will be asked for information such as teacher name, school name, Primary or Challenge,  Gmail address for playing the game,  Team name, web links and social media if you would like to share.

LINK to Join the Project ->: Google Form Sign-UP  (Coming in Jan 2022!)

1.  NEW: Gmail Email address for Playing the game: We are using ONLY Gmail addresses this year because of too many difficulties with blocking and spamming from school district emails. Please email me if you have any questions about using Gmail.

2. First Time Teachers ONLYRegistration Page.   If you have already registered with Kidlink, you don’t need to do that again.

3. IMPORTANT — Send Your NINE Clues and the Answer to your clues between Jan 20 and deadline Feb 5, 2022.  smithterryk@gmail.com 


Playing the Game 

On the following Mondays, a set of 3 clues from each team will be posted in the Primary  Group A or B, and the Challenge Group.

Monday Feb 7
Monday Feb 14
Monday Feb 21

 Monday, March 7 – ALL Answer sheets must be received
Saturday, March 12 – All answers and scores will be posted on the website.

  • While Playing the Game, students study the clues and develop yes/no questions to try and decipher only the landmark clues in their playing level.
  • ONE yes/no question may be emailed to each team during each of the three weeks. Questions must be constructed to be answered with Yes or No.
  • A total of 3 yes/no questions can be asked of each site, but only one emailed question per week.   
  • These questions are to be sent  DIRECTLY TO THE TEAM’S EMAIL ADDRESS which is found in either the Primary or Challenger Players link.
  • Identify your team when asking a question, and Identify your team when responding to a question.
      Example from: (2A) The Warriors – This shows your number in your group (2A) and the name of the team (Warriors).

Keeping a tracking folder/log is essential to managing the volume of information that is exchanged in this project.

Please see Tips for Landmark in Your Classroom if you would like ideas on how to manage groups of students in your classroom.  (Judith Painter has tips also).

Sending Your Answers – Due by Mar 7, 2022

Using the project Answer Sheet.
The project coordinator will post an Answer Sheet on the Facebook Group and the Landmark web site. Each team will add their guesses to the answer sheet and send back to the project coordinator no later than midnight March 8 ET.

Remember: Answers are sent only to the coordinator (Terry Smith), not to the other teams.

FINAL RESULTS — I will post the top 5 scores of the Primary and Challenge levels, and all Landmark answers on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

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