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Landmark Primary Group 2023

During the 3-week project, clues will be posted here:
Clues 1-2-3: Monday February 6
Clues 4-5-6: Monday February 13
Clues 7-8-9: Monday February 20 Saturday Feb 18

Final Tally Scores for Primary
Top 3 Scores

#1 – Gymnasium AIA-GESS, Tbilisi, Georgia (Teacher Mari Kharitonashvili) :
Master Minds, Crazy Craters, Geography Nation and Miracle Workers all had 15/15 points.

#2 – St. John’s Lutheran School. Hannibal, MO (Teacher Elizabeth Miles):
The Chosen Ones and The Landmark Lizards each had 14/15 points.

#3 – Yakima K-8 Virtual School. Yakima, Washington (Teacher Kathy Paulson)
The Loaf Cats had 13/15 points.

(1) Abanschool3 (Kazakova Team) Krasnoyarsk Territory,Russia
Answer: Krasnoyarsk Stolby (The Krasnoyarsk Pillars)
12 correct

(2) CE Cole Intermediate School (Wenzel’s Wizards) Reading, PA
Answer: Serpent Mound State Memorial in Peebles, Ohio
9 correct

(3) Gymnasium AIA-GESS (Master Minds) Tbilisi,Georgia.
Answer: Devil’s island
15 correct

(4) Gymnasium AIA-GESS (Crazy Craters) Tbilisi,Georgia.
Answer: The Wieliczka Salt Mine
15 correct

(5) Gymnasium AIA-GESS (Geography Nation) Tbilisi,Georgia.
Answer: Borobudur temple
15 correct
(6) Gymnasium AIA-GESS (Miracle Workers) Tbilisi,Georgia.
Answer: Simtokha Dzong
15 correct

(7) Innovations STEM Academy (Periwinkle Wheel Bugs) Sparta, WI
Answer: Medieval Crime Museum
6 correct
(8) Krasnoyarsk Secondary (Siberians) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Answer: Whale Alley in Chukotka
5 correct

(9) Lyceum 1 (Forward) Kansk, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Russia
Answer: Notre-Dame de Reims
7 correct

(10) Lafayette Regional School (Team Lafayette)Franconia,NH
Answer: Skeleton Coast National Park in northwest Namibia
10 correct

(11) Phoenix School (Thunder Catz) Salem, MA USA
Answer: Gloucester Fisherman Memorial
3 correct

(12) Phoenix School (Phoenix Orcas) Salem, MA USA
Answer: Longaberger Basket Building
5 correct

(13) St. John’s Lutheran (The Chosen Ones) Hannibal, MO
Answer: The Bean (Cloud Gate, Chicago)
14 correct
(14) St. John’s Lutheran (Landmark Lizards) Hannibal, MO
Answer: Blood Falls (Antarctica)
14 correct

(15) Yakima K-8 Virtual School (Loaf Cats) Yakima, Washington
Answer: Yellowstone National Park
13 correct
End of Primary Score Sheet